“If I had committed suicide…”: Jeremstar without filter on cyberbullying

Jeremstar confided in the columns of Télépro on December 9th. The blogger, victim of cyberbullying, made heartbreaking confidences.

Jeremstar is a former star blogger in the world of reality TV. It was in the early 2010s, when the shows were very popular with viewers, that Jérémy Gisclon became known. Subsequently, he was the victim of a real descent into hell, following the scandal of the case called JeremStar Gate. He was targeted by numerous charges, all of which later turned out to be false, and was the victim of cyber-harassment. The young man received numerous death threats and, faced with this situation, he decided not to receive any more reality TV candidates in his famous bathtub. Despite the years that have passed, Jeremstar is still the victim of cyberbullying and his daily life is not easy. In the columns of Télépro on December 9, he made heartbreaking confidences. “I have an anger against the justice which understands nothing“, he first said before adding: “I’m afraid of death, I’m not able to take action. Others committed suicide because complaints are ignored“. For the young man, his death would have allowed several investigations to open and justice to take matters into their own hands.”I am convinced that if I had committed suicide, the investigations would have been opened from the day of my suicide“, did he declare.

Cyberbullying, Jeremstar talks about it openly because he couldn’t take it anymore. “I was accused of everything. Welcome to the world of social networks. We can swing anything and everything“, he said. Victims of unfounded rumors and despicable accusations, the young man did not let himself be done. “I have done legal proceedings, I have never been prosecuted for anything. On the other hand, I myself made proceedings in defamation and harassment which I won“, he revealed before recalling: “Rumor kills and it’s a real fight to restore the truth“. On social networks, anything can be said and any Internet user can be the source of an unfounded rumour. A situation that the blogger deplores. Social networks condemned me without knowing“, he lamented before continuing: “Justice is done on social networks, I am sentenced to life for them“. A complicated situation for Jeremstar who today regrets his success.”I regret having wanted to be famous at all costs. I was a real asshole when I started“, he acknowledges. “Looking back, I feel like I was a stalker of a stalker. It was not the right solution, I regret having been the source of waves of disparagement“, Jeremstar said.

Jeremstar: what heartbreaking secrets did he make on the set of TPMP?

Jeremstar decided to speak up and tell their story. On the set of Cyril Hanouna on December 2, he admitted to asking a lot of questions. “Honestly, I even wonder how I’m still alive“, he had first launched before adding: “You followed all these stories in 2018, and in fact, it never stopped because I am sentenced to life on social networks for all these slanders“. Coming with a threatening letter, received a few days earlier, the blogger had deplored the fact that justice had not acted to protect him. “I can send this to the investigating judges to show them what’s going on… In fact, I think I have to kill myself to make things happen.“, he had concluded. Heartbreaking confidences.

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