Howrah News: This primary school of the state does not have school leave, the number of students is increasing! The reason is also surprising

#Howrah: The picture that can be seen in most of the government primary schools across the state is that of declining student numbers. But on the contrary Puran Howrah Sankrail Pir Sarenga Primary School. It is known that the number of students has almost doubled in the last 7 years. Swapan Kodali, head teacher of the school, said that the number of students in Pir Sarenga Primary School, who was appointed as the head teacher in June 2014, was 208, and the number of students has increased to 404 in 2022.

Where there are cases of closure of schools due to lack of students in government primary schools in the state, another government primary school in that state has received a response. In response to the question about the increase in the number of students every year, the teacher of the school shared several important points. First of all, they said, school teachers love students as their own children, such as quiet reading.

Outside world, which is normally preferred by students, being confined to the classroom or school for hours at a time becomes a problem for many students, the outside world is their favorite. The teacher wants to make the school environment as per their mind to bring all those students back to school or towards school. School walls like flowers planted to attract children, flower plants including corbi roses, colorful pictures on the walls, conducive environment for play, pictures and models of various subjects such as science and history which are also depicted outside the textbooks, all the things that play Students will get education through one above the other.

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The school has a magazine desk with story books and cartoon books for boys and girls. Construction of large size tanks to implement Jal Dharo Jal Bho program which will hold about 40,000 liters of water within the school has already been completed. Along with this, several CCTV cameras have been installed for the safety of the students and biometric devices have been installed in the school so that the teachers do not have any deficiencies. Kitchen garden in the vacant part of the school, and organic fertilizers are being made for the crops themselves.

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Adjacent to the cultivated land is the composting tank where the students’ leftovers are mixed daily with grain husks and water. Every day the water from the hand washing basin after eating the mid-day meal is directly entering the composting tank. Classes are taught from class I to class V, there is a dining room on the ground floor and one floor, where about 60 students can sit and eat together, and the school also has a sick room, where parents can contact the tea line in case of any problem of the children. Contact number of child line is posted, complaint box is in front of the main gate of the school.

According to the school sources, it is necessary to have a good relationship with the students as well as with the teachers to give the real education to the students. In this context, the headmaster said that there are cases of truancy sometimes when students are not present at school for a few days in a row. We reached the house of the student together with the teacher. In this way, the school gradually developed a close relationship with the parents, in which it became possible to inform the students as well as the parents who are not particularly aware of social knowledge. As a result, the incidence of school dropout or truancy has decreased and the number of students in Pir Sarenga Primary School has increased year by year.

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