How To Identify And Treat Work Place Stress To Arrest Its Possible Physical And Psychological Side Effects

Kolkata: Back from work headache (headache)? Not sleeping well at night? Morning-afternoon irritable mood (short temper) or blood pressure (high BP) is not known to reduce? Many of us know more or less these problems. Experts say, in many cases, the ‘villain’ behind them is ‘Work Place Stress’ or stress at work. However, most of the time we don’t pay attention to these. Although there is danger of the opposite, doctors think.

What is stress at work?
Simply put, the stress that occurs due to work or related factors is called ‘workplace stress’. Certain symptoms of workplace stress are mentioned by the American Psychological Association or APA. The APA notes that the experience can cause headaches, stomachaches, insomnia, irritable mood, attention problems, anxiety, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system, especially if the experience goes on for long periods of time. Institute of Psychiatry Psychiatrist Sujit Sarkhel again said that workplace stress can lead to depression if it is not properly addressed in time. There are also some other dangers. what kind

Damage to the body…
According to medical expert Arindam Biswas, the problem of diabetes and obesity is increasing among a large section of young workers. One of the reasons for this is huge stress at work. In his words, many cannot leave their seat for a long time due to the pressure of work. Be it work or eating, everything has to be done sitting in the same place. The result? Increase in obesity and diabetes.’ Doctor Biswas also felt that workplace stress is one of the biggest ‘villains’ behind the increase in hypertension and cardiovascular problems. Virtually Eksur psychiatrist Sujit Sarkhel too. Besides, he added, ‘Many people start relying on alcohol and cigarettes to reduce stress. So that the damage to the lungs and liver in the end. Some even start overeating again. The shock of everything fell on the body.

How awful?
Although the term ‘workplace stress’ may sound foreign, the problem is no longer a fantasy on the banks of seven seas and thirteen rivers. At least that’s what a recent study by Deloitte says. It revealed that by 2021-2022, 80 percent of India’s workforce will suffer from some form of mental health problem. Of these, 29 percent took leave without prior planning due to mental health difficulties. The financial loss that companies have to bear due to this issue is estimated at Rs 1.1 lakh crore. That is, it is important to think about ‘workplace stress’.

Why is that?
According to psychiatrist Sujit Sarkhel, ‘Basically there are two reasons behind this. One, those who work alternate shifts instead of fixed periods, do not have regular meals and sleep. As a result, stress increases. Two, many people face the problem of not having a clear idea of ​​what higher authorities want. Many times many people feel that whatever they do, they will not get proper recognition. All in all, the stress is increasing. But there could also be some reasons, he said. He said from his own experience, many people come to him because of stress at work and depression caused by it. An experience of medicine specialist Arindam Biswas.

what to do
The fact is, from an employee to a businessman, anyone who does anything will have stress. So it is necessary to find a way to deal with it without running away, say experts. According to Dr. Biswas, to deal with this problem, every organization can consider having its own psychologist so that employees can go and talk to him in any need. According to Dr. Sarkhel, it is better to be isolated in a specialist’s chamber if stress increases at work. Because everyone’s problems are different. So it will be easier to help him by understanding his needs. The overall message is the same. get help Don’t leave it. There is an eighteen anna over a sixteen anna risk of reversal.

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