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What is the best iPhone charger you can buy?

Regardless if you’re buying a new cell phone now (no plug adapter in the box) or if you’ve had one for a while, the fact is that having one around good iphone charger it is essential to keep your device always active, without suffering from lack of battery.

But it cannot be a loader of a any brand🇧🇷 As much as we see some prices that seem to be too good to be true, the fact is that very cheap products usually cost little because they are made in a way that does not provide security for the user.

And shoddy chargers are a real danger for both the device and the owner.

That’s why we’ve separated here some good options that are safer for you and at the same time bring quality so that it stays with you for many years, including the next iPhones (which don’t come with a charger in the box).

Definition of “charger”

It is a very common mistake for people to call the cabo do iPhone charger, but this is a confusion that we must avoid, so that nobody thinks that we are talking about cabos.

The charger itself is the “source” of energy, or what you connect the cable to for charging. What we usually call a loader is the adapter it goes plugged in, and it is this part that is no longer included in the box by Apple. Unlike cable.

Can I use a charger from another brand on my iPhone?

Yes, you can. You it’s not obligatory to only use an Apple charger on your iPhone. This is because the important thing is not the brand but the quality two internal components.

The charger needs to deal with constant passage of electrical current and therefore cannot be manufactured in any way.

A good way to ensure this is to look for some official certification, either in Brazil (Anatel) or internationally (FCC or EU). This ensures that the accessory offers the minimum conditions to withstand the electric current evenly and without overheating.

What happens if you use a fake charger on your iPhone?

What we call a “fake charger” or “pirate charger” is one that usually tries to imitate the appearance of an original charger or other brands, but is actually manufactured anyway, without safety protections.

This, of course, makes the price very lowto try to seduce consumers.

As stated above, a poor quality charger can pose a huge risk to the user’s safety. We have already seen cases of exploding cell phones precisely because the charger was irregular and did not know how to control the intensity of the electric current supplied to the device.

There are even cases of houses burning down because of the use of this type of accessory without certification.

Therefore, avoid falling into the trap of buying “cheap chargers”, as they are a danger to your safety.

charger power

Something that is always interesting to observe is the power from the charger. Models from iPhone 8 / iPhone X are compatible with fast chargingone that is capable of charging the battery by 50% in 30 minutes.

These models absorb up to 18W of energy, which allows fast charging. So any charger with much more than that won’t make a difference in charging time.

Price of a good charger

Finally, we have to talk about the price.

unfortunately porters very cheap mean products without quality and, consequently, without certification. And that can even burn internally your iPhone, permanently ruining the device. And that usually voids the warranty.

So, don’t fall into the temptation of buying chargers for “twenty reais”, as the future damage can be much more expensive than that.

IPhone charger

So now that you’ve understood the basics of how to choose a good charger, check out some offers we’ve separated for you.

We are talking about quality products that will last for years🇧🇷 You pay a little more now, but your next devices will already have a place to be charged, without you having to worry about whether the charger comes in the box or not.

And regardless of whether Apple really does this for the environment or just to save a few bucks, it’s important to think about the junk mail that we produce every year, which is really a serious thing.

Even if you ditch the iPhone and switch to another brand, consider having a single charger iPhone that lasts for years, so you can charge different devices in your house without having to accumulate hundreds of different chargers.

That is why it is essential to invest in quality. 🇧🇷

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