How I made $348 with just one click on the ServiceNSW app

Have you ever imagined making a significant amount of money with just a simple click on your phone? Well, one Sydney mum recently shared her astonishing experience of receiving $348 for clicking a button on her phone using the ServiceNSW app. This incredible revelation has left hundreds of people in shock and disbelief.

The Toll Relief Rebate

The woman revealed that she used the ServiceNSW app to claim the toll relief rebate, a feature available to all residents in New South Wales. She shared this insightful tip on the North Shore Mums Facebook page, expressing her surprise at the substantial amount she received. She mentioned that the entire process took her merely two minutes, making it an effortless way to earn some extra cash.

Eligibility Requirements

However, it’s essential to note that there are several eligibility requirements to qualify for the toll relief rebate. One of the key prerequisites is a minimum annual spend of $375 on tolls. This criterion ensures that the rebate is directed towards individuals who frequently utilize toll roads and would benefit from the financial relief.

Claiming the Rebate

Eligible motorists who spend more than the minimum amount on tolls in a financial year can claim a generous 40% rebate. The process of making a claim is relatively simple and user-friendly. All it takes is to open the ServiceNSW app, click on the toll relief rebate under the ‘featured’ tab, read through the requirements, fill in your details, and follow the prompts. This seamless process has made it convenient for residents to access the rebate with minimal effort.
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New Scheme for 2024

In addition to the existing toll relief rebate, a new scheme was introduced in January 2024, targeting individuals who spend more than $60 a week on tolls. This initiative aims to provide further financial relief to motorists and ease the burden of toll expenses. Eligible motorists will automatically start accruing for the new scheme from January 1, with claims opening from April 2024.

Sharing the Insight

The woman’s revelation sparked a wave of gratitude and excitement on social media, with many individuals expressing their appreciation for the valuable tip. Several people shared their own success stories of claiming substantial rebates, ranging from $250 to a staggering $1315. These testimonies serve as a testament to the effectiveness and impact of the toll relief rebate, proving its significance in providing financial assistance to residents. In conclusion, the ServiceNSW app has proven to be a valuable platform for accessing the toll relief rebate, offering residents the opportunity to alleviate their toll expenses and receive significant rebates with minimal effort. The simplicity of the process, coupled with the substantial financial benefits, makes it a compelling incentive for eligible motorists to take advantage of this feature. So, if you’re a resident in New South Wales who meets the eligibility criteria, why not explore the toll relief rebate on the ServiceNSW app? Who knows, you might just click your way to a pleasant surprise of your own!


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