How do I find out if my partner has commitment issues?

Committing to something or someone can be a bad dream for many people. Sound simple to you? Yeah, but often these people develop trauma in past relationships, so they end up having serious problems with commitment. No wonder they spoil the potential relationships they get involved in.

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If you are in a relationship with someone or you have doubts about yourself, it is important to be aware of the signs so that these problems do not destroy the whole relationship. Read the article to the end and find out what they are.

Signs of lack of commitment

It is natural that after experiencing some traumas, some people develop a fear of establishing serious commitments with others, after all, they require a certain vulnerability and trust that is difficult to deposit in someone when we are sensitive and traumatized.

Those too afraid to get involved can sabotage, unconsciously or not, all of their relationships.

When they get emotionally involved with someone, it’s common for them to act confused and insensitive. And that’s why it’s important to pay attention to the behaviors that demonstrate these commitment problems.

Check out some of them below.

short relationships

As much as there is a lot of love, you will hardly see someone who has commitment issues having a lasting relationship, as he always says that he still has a lot of time for that in the future, so this is not the right time yet.

problems with marriage

If they have been married before, it was likely short-lived or they had problems with fidelity.

Engage with distant people

Sometimes they even feel like establishing relationships, but they always opt for someone who is very busy or who lives far away, so that they don’t have to commit to having to see each other all the time.

charming and manipulative

They know exactly how to conquer you and promise you the world, but they have no intention of fulfilling what was promised, so they don’t even care about how you feel about it. Watch out!

They play games

They will never fully surrender to the relationship, but they also don’t want to let you go, so they play games to always keep you close to feed you crumbs.

They sabotage relationships

They may stay with you for a while, but once the relationship starts to move into something more serious, they will make up some excuse and find a way to sabotage the relationship.

They are looking for unavailable people

They are always looking for people who, for some reason, are doomed to fail in a two-way relationship. Because? They will have a justification to end the relationship before it gets too serious.

Avoid introducing yourself to friends and family

They invent a thousand excuses to avoid this encounter as much as possible. If you can’t establish connections with someone close to them, it will be much easier to get you out of the canary when necessary.

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