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The defeats relegated Pakistan to seventh place in the ICC Test Championship.  Photo: File

The defeats relegated Pakistan to seventh place in the ICC Test Championship. Photo: File

Sitting in the car from the parking lot, I started going towards the main gate of the National Stadium to pick up my friends, when I saw former Test cricketer Shoaib Muhammad going.

I stopped seeing him and said Shoaib brother the distance is short but let me drop you, he sat in the car after hearing this, I discovered that you must be going to the chairman box. He smiled and then I was surprised at the answer he gave, Shoaib Muhammad told that he gets tickets for Javed Miandad and Fazal Mehmood enclosures for a few hundred rupees, but a journalist has given box passes today. So will sit there.

He said, “I have watched PSL and other matches many times with ordinary fans, although I don’t have any problem with it, but sometimes I definitely get the idea that this is the same National Stadium where I averaged over 100, scored an unbeaten double century against New Zealand at the same ground in 1990, the only difference being that the bat was in my hand inside the field and the people in the stands were clapping for me.

Now I am sitting in the stand applauding the current cricketers, I asked a board official to give me 2 passes to a box, I want to go with my wife, he insisted on Monday instead of Sunday and then no phone call. Raised, you know how much you have to walk.

I don’t even have a parking sticker” Shoaib Bhai left saying and I kept thinking that ex-cricketers are not respected during the tenure of an ex-cricketer in PCB. The reason is also that they do not understand anyone in front of them.

During the Karachi Test, the stadium remained 90% empty, but still the board was not able to make a strategy that would make people come, broken chairs, bad washrooms, many problems in getting inside after walking for miles. If you are not going to provide facilities to the people, why should they come to the stadium?

I have long since given up on making accreditation cards for home matches because some PCB bureaucrat has made rules and regulations such as giving central contracts to journalists and not cards, although most of them don’t care. Journalists like me who openly criticize the board.

Any of his words can be caught and beaten up, but now his reign is about to end. These days, sometimes I go somewhere other than the media center in the stadium and watch the match. It was disappointing that after 17 years the English team came to Pakistan and the empty stadium was frowning.

However, the group of England fans was creating the atmosphere by playing “Barmy Army”, they continued to shout slogans, Pakistani fans also supported them, but the disappointing performance of the team spoiled the whole atmosphere. At least I didn’t think that there would be a 0-3 defeat at home ground, when Shoaib Malik accused him of cronyism in the team selection, people fell behind him.

Now that thing has been proven true, tell me with a sincere heart that there was any justification for feeding Muhammad Rizwan, who continuously failed in the test, in Karachi? Why Sarfraz Ahmed was not given a chance, no one has a concrete answer, Abdullah Shafiq and Shan Masood’s duo failed, Azhar Ali could not make his last Test memorable, only Babar Azam, Saud Shakeel and Salman Ali. Agha batted better, despite the home ground and dead pitches why the Pakistani batting line could not perform well.

What happened that our batters are not playing on their own pitches? In the same way, the fast bowlers were very disappointed in the entire series, it was a sign of the captain’s trust in Faheem Ashraf that he bowled 1 over in the first innings and 2 overs in the second, Wasim Jr. could not impress on his debut, spinners Abrar and Nauman took wickets. Take it but give runs with open heart.

The pace attack was very disappointing in this entire series, Shaheen Afridi, Haris Rauf and Naseem Shah were not available, then Hasan Ali, Mirhamza and Mohammad Abbas were tried but the chief selector did not feel the need for any substitute, England 18-year-old spinner Rehan Ahmed fed our batsmen who started to feel Shane Warne, Rehan took 5 wickets in the second innings and won the match for the team, Azhar Ali’s Test career ended in Karachi.

The good thing is that he read the inscription on the wall and decided on his own, his colleagues also sent him off in the best way. Now Rameez Raja has realized that his days as chairman are short, he took this frustration out on the media. In Karachi too, he accused the journalists of putting negative headlines.

The players got unfit because of the media

Is it because of the media that the Pakistan team remained doubtful of a clean sweep in the home series for the first time in history?

And did the media also stop the monthly payments and match fees of the domestic cricketers for 5 months

Don’t put everything on the media. Board officials look into their necks. Clean sweep defeat in home Test series for the first time in history. Failure in four consecutive Test matches at home ground. Who is responsible? Where are PC officials? Come forward and take responsibility. Accept the responsibility.

The defeats pushed Pakistan to the seventh position in the ICC Test Championship. The dream of reaching the final was already shattered. Now the Chairman PCB has appointed himself instead of waiting for a notification from the Prime Minister’s House. Should leave.

The Chief Selector and Head Coach also have to be dismissed, but no one in Pakistan goes on their own. If you don’t believe it, watch the video in which Rameez Raja said that if Imran Khan is not the Prime Minister, he will not take even 2 minutes to leave the post. How much time has passed since you know it, it will still be the same, so the government will have to send them home and maybe its time will come.

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