He maintains that drug addicts entered his portal to get high

This past Saturday, March 18, 2023, the head of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Alicante decreed the provisional release of the dancer and choreographer Raphael Bitter (48 years old), arrested last Thursday in the same city for a alleged case of drug trafficking from several apartments in Madrid.

Now, while the investigation continues a crime against public health a crime of attack against authority and two crimes of injuriesthe bailaor has defended himself through his lawyer. According to his version, some of the drug addicts who pass through the Malasaña neighborhood of the capital they got into dealing and taking drugs in the portal of what was his home, “before, during and after” moving from the ground floor of Espiritu Santo street.

The artist, arrested last Thursday after performing in Alicante, was left this Saturday in probation without bail after appearing before the duty judge for a crime against public health and attack on authority. He was arrested in the framework of the investigation opened as a result of a complaint filed in July of last year by residents of the property for alleged sale of drugs in his apartment.

[La jueza deja en libertad provisional a Rafael Amargo tras su detención por tráfico de drogas]

Rafael Amargo going to court, last December.

Rafael Amargo going to court, last December.


Following the complaint, the Madrid Examining Judge number 27 agreed on September 16 to open proceedings and officiate with the Police to clarify the facts. After that, the surveillance on the artist’s apartment began in August 2022, where drug addicts were observed rushing in and out daily.

Rafael Amargo’s lawyer, the lawyer jamie caballeromaintains that there is “a chase” against his client, and he believes that the date on which he was arrested is not “accidental”, two months after he is tried by the so-called Operation Codex.

Bitter was already arrested on December 1, 2020 along with his partner and two other people for similar events. The trial for this case will be held next June for the alleged commission of a crime against public health.

The prosecutor requests 9 years in prison for allegedly selling narcotic substances to third parties at his own home in a manner “persistent“in exchange for money.

Gentleman categorically denies that the artist isa drug dealer of drugsand defends that the substances that may have been seized were for personal consumption as he is a drug addict, an addiction from which he has been trying to rehabilitate for a long time.

Rafael Amargo would have moved from the Espíritu Santo apartment last September when he was unable to pay the second installment he owed to the owner, a neighbor of the property. In the police report, to which he had access Europe Press, there is evidence of police surveillance after the date on which he had left the building.

The bailaor Rafael Amargo during the performance of 'Yerma', his last show, in 2020.

The bailaor Rafael Amargo during the performance of ‘Yerma’, his last performance, in 2020.


At that time, he would have invested all his income in a production that failed when the work was not released. He had to leave the flat and he went to live with his parents and occasionally to friends’ houses, but never to tourist flats as they did not have the money for it.

Apparently, the non-payment of the second installment of the house would be the origin of the disputes that led to the complaint that led to the investigations. The residents of the community blamed Rafael Amargo for the drug deal that takes place in the vicinity of number 22 Espiritu Santo street.

However, the version of the defense is that the area would be full of drug addicts on the sidewalks, and they would get into the portal, a situation that has been going on for years and that the residents of the building are aware of.


According to the report, the agents verified, as a result of surveillance, that constantly “A diversity of people with the appearance of drug addicts entered the buildingwho, after staying inside for a few minutes, left it”.

“From the facts exposed, there are sufficient indications that lead one to believe that at the defendant’s home they could be carrying out sale of narcotic substances“, emphasize the police proceedings.

The agents of the National Police in charge of the investigation determined that it was Rafael Amargo himself “the one who would personally be carrying the distribution” of the substances, acting as an intermediary.

According to the report again, “the buyer would contact the investigatedwhich in turn would request the narcotic substance from a third party who would take the drug to the address of the investigated where Rafael himself would deliver it to the buyer, giving part of the profit obtained to the supplier and keeping a portion as a commission.”

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