Hairfall: Excessive hair loss? Are you not affected by this disease?

Kolkata: Who doesn’t want to get thick black hair (Hair Care). But it is very difficult to keep hair healthy in the midst of so much dust, dirt and pollution. According to experts, hair loss can occur due to various reasons. Digestive problems from upset stomach. Or any other disease. Losing a lot of hair throughout the day? This complex disease has not settled in the body?

Which disease causes hair loss?

Experts say, mental health has a lot to do with hair loss. According to them, problems like stress and anxiety cause hair loss. Not only does it appear, but it also adds to the problem of hair fall. Many people avoid the problem of hair loss. In fact he is completely neglecting his health as a result. According to experts, we need to pay special attention to all aspects of our health. Anything unusual should be looked out for. 

According to doctors, hair loss problem is mostly caused by mental problems like stress, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, suicidal tendencies. So if the problem of hair loss occurs at a severe rate, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. Maybe, that person’s mental health is disturbed. And he needs treatment.

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Incidentally, the chemical properties of onion are used in many shampoos these days. No need for that shampoo, the problem of hair fall can be easily reduced with the help of onions at home. Onion juice is used to prevent hair fall. Onion juice is also effective in preventing graying of hair and controlling dandruff. Also used for hair regrowth. Used to treat alopecia. If the scalp becomes dry, onion juice is beneficial. Onions contain adequate amounts of dietary sulfur. This sulfur is found in amino acids which are one of the components of proteins. Proteins, mainly keratin, are essential for hair health. Applying onion juice on the scalp and hair is good for hair due to excess sulphur. It also helps in hair growth. Sulfur in onion juice helps in collagen production. This collagen also helps generate new skin cells.

Disclaimer : Claims mentioned in copy, method are advisory. Be sure to talk to the specialist / doctor to follow the necessary treatment / diet and follow the rules accordingly.

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