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The last episode of ARY Digital’s drama serial ‘Habus’ will be telecast tonight at 8 pm.

Feroze Khan (Basit Salman), Ishna Shah (Basit’s wife Ayesha), Ayesha Umar (Roha), Isra Ghazal (Sadia Basit’s mother), Javed Sheikh, Imran Aslam, Saba Faisal (Ayesha’s mother) in the drama serial ‘Habas’. ), Hina Rizvi, Daniya Anwar (Bano), Zoya (Janess Tessa), (Mosadaq Malik Basit’s friend) and others are playing the lead roles.

The drama is directed by Mossadegh Malik while its producers are Humayun Saeed, Shehzad Naseeb and its story is written by Alia Makhdoom.

Watch the latest episode on ARY Zip:Habs Last Episode | ARYZAP

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The story of the play revolves around a boy named Basit, whose mother leaves him at an early age, he is brought up by his father, he grows up deprived of the joys of childhood. ‘Habus shows a flourishing attitude towards women in his mind as a child.’

In the previous episode, it was shown that Ayesha wants to get a divorce from Basit, on which she contacts the lawyer and prepares the documents and calls them to meet in front of the lawyer.

When Ayesha arrives, they say that I want to give you the right of equality, I don’t want to force anything on you, anyway, a relationship is only good if it is from the heart.

Basit says, “I have told the lawyer that you don’t want to live with me, but now it is not possible because you are hopeful. As soon as this time passes, you have the full right to divorce, whatever you want, you can decide.” You have done so much for so many people.’

Basit adds that ‘I made a mistake, maybe I deserve it, but I realize now.

A Senman Basit says that you are going. The wife says that ‘I came only to leave and anyway now you have given the full right.’

In the end, Basit says, ‘You had a complaint, but all these changes are proof that today I have changed.’

On the other hand, the lawyer tells that these are the documents and the power of attorney ‘Basit Sir’ has been named by you, but Ayesha says that I don’t need it.

The lawyer tells Ayesha that ‘whatever decision you take, be thoughtful and especially when it comes to a child.’

Basit says to Soha that ‘I don’t want to get into more confusion in life,’ to which Soha says that I want to end your worries.

Will Basit and Ayesha separate? Will Roha be punished for what he did? Can the lady be happy without her cousin? Watch the last episode at 8 PM to find out.

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