Growing tension in Khalistan movement and Indian Punjab

“Khalistan” is a long-standing demand of the Sikh nation. (Photo: File)

In Indian Punjab, a Sindh Jat Amrit Pal Singh has become the center of news these days, whose ideas and activities are gaining popularity among the Sikh youth on the one hand and on the other hand some circles are also against him.

In Indian Punjab, once again the situation like 1984 is being seen when the Indian army killed the Golden Temple, the holiest place of the Sikhs. In this action, the central leader of the Khalistan movement and saint Jarnail Singh Bhandrawala and his associates were killed. Later, the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi was assassinated and the massacre of Sikhs started as a response.

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Young Sardar Amrit Pal Singh returned to India in mid-2022 after spending ten years in the Emirates and has taken over the leadership of a group called ‘Waras Punjab De’. On the one hand, Amrit Pal Singh is trying to convince the Sikh youth to live according to the customs of the Sikh religion, not to cut their hair, but to wear a turban. On the other hand, they are also raising their voice against the Christian missionaries in Punjab who are busy in converting the poor Sikh families living in the rural areas of Punjab, especially the border areas, to Christianity. Amrit Pal Singh says that Christian missionaries are forcibly converting Sikh families and allegedly disrespecting their gurus.

Due to Amrit Pal Singh’s harsh statements against Christian missionaries, religious tension is increasing in Indian Punjab. Some Sikh organizations also seem to have condemned Amrit Pal Singh’s harsh statements against Christians. The Christian community living in Punjab is also protesting against Amrit Pal Singh. The central and state governments of India have not taken any action against Amrit Pal Singh yet. Amritpal Singh has not yet seen any vision and clear purpose. They talk about Khalistan but they have not yet told where Khalistan will be formed, which areas will be included in it, what will be the constitution and law there? An attempt is being made to incite the Sikh youth by just mentioning the name of Khalistan.

Chanchal Manohar Singh says that currently the Sikhs living in America have a separate map of Khalistan, while the Sikhs in Great Britain and Canada have a separate map of Khalistan. The demand for Khalistan is not a crime and it is a long-standing demand of the Sikh nation, but the central government of India does not want the establishment of Khalistan in any case, because in this way Jammu and Kashmir will also get out of their hands, which India has occupied for a long time. kept

Many videos and statements of Amrit Pal Singh have come out on social media. They say that Sikhs are kept as slaves in India, so they are demanding freedom from India. Sikh youths are being drugged as part of a conspiracy to alienate them from the Sikh religion and not be a part of the Khalistan movement. Sikhs are being massacred. He has appealed to Sikh mothers to bear more than one child and dedicate them in the name of the Guru. Amrit Pal Singh also raised his voice against the Christian missionaries who are converting poor Sikh families in the rural areas of Indian Punjab and especially in the border areas.

While Amrit Pal Singh is loved by a large number of Sikhs, there is no dearth of critics. Critics say that Amrit Pal Singh once again wants to spoil the atmosphere of Indian Punjab, an atmosphere of fear is being created, he is trying to prove himself as Saint Jarnail Singh Bhandrawala. He is accompanied by armed guards at all times. Amrit Pal Singh has also recently started a campaign to remove benches for the elderly and sick inside Sikh gurdwaras. A few days ago, sofas and benches kept in the main hall of a Gurdwara Sahib in Bihari village of Kapurthala were pulled out and broken. He is of the position that on the occasion of presence in front of Guru Granth Sahib, it cannot be assumed that someone can sit in the same place as Guru Sahib.

Notably, the issue of not allowing chairs and couches inside Gurdwaras has been raised on several occasions by Shri Akal Takht and Sikh leaders. In November 2013, the Shri Akal Takht issued regulations against the use of chairs, couches and similar seating arrangements inside Gurdwaras. The Akal Takht had banned the use of sofas, chairs or benches for the elderly and disabled in the main hall of Gurdwaras, calling it sacrilegious. Similarly, on April 20, 1998, the then Jathedar Bhai Ranjit Singh also issued an order stating that chairs and tables would not be allowed to be used inside the Sikh langarkha. However, these regulations were later relaxed in October 1998, with an order banning the use of chairs and tables in anchorage for the sick and disabled.

However, the important question is, what will be the result of this struggle of Amrit Pal Singh? Will there be any progress in the Khalistan movement or will a third force take advantage of the religious tension between Sikhs and Christians? It is also being said that Indian agencies are behind Amrit Pal Singh who are deliberately creating such situations to harm the growing popularity of Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab. While this will create difficulties for the Aam Aadmi Party, on the other hand, the momentum seen in recent years in the demand for Khalistan can be weakened once again, because many countries, including Canada, UK and America, are concerned about Khalistan. A large number of Sikhs have voted in favor of this referendum. An atmosphere of fear is being created in Punjab through Amrit Pal Singh. It is possible that the arrests of Amrit Pal Singh and his associates will begin in the next few weeks and Indian Punjab will fall into more anarchy.

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