good man

People can transform people into good people, it is believable. Even if you can’t become a great man, the desire to be a great man lives forever in people, every man should make himself great.
Nilu is sitting in a tireless body halfway through Purnayatra with the desire to be as big as the sky. There is vast space. He has to be as big as space. This journey is not to become a good man with the luxury of dreams, but only with the determination to show self-respect to the world. There is no such factory to become a great man, through which he can turn himself into a great man. It is possible to become a good man through the application of effort, confidence, self-reliance, determination, dedication, greatness, skill, honesty and good character. Nishitharjani walks in the deep or in the burning dust of the hot afternoon to satisfy the mind’s best thoughts. He believes that good people are not born again and again in the world.
Nilu only wants to be a good man in this arena of the world, his Bengali teacher ‘Ajmal Sir’ awakened his confidence in him. One day in the class, sir encouraged everyone to become human while taking the class.
An envelope of letters is in Nilu’s hand, the letters are wet with sweat. He does not know exactly who put it in the notebook. No need to know, Nilu is only busy with the thought of burning his desires in light flame. And how many days, how many months pass by without thinking. Nilu wanted to be a human when he was not intelligent, and when he was intelligent, he wanted to be a great man. Nilu has the habit of quickly forgetting the daily events. He cherishes the desire to take refuge in a place completely hidden from the thick-black noise of the world or the gathering of human society, only there he can transform himself into his own. Nilu almost forgets all the joys of the world just to purify himself. Love and love are not easy to get along with intelligent people. But Nilu wants to keep company. He thinks – almost all fools have the form of hard people, not the form of simple people. What is there is the identity of the personality.
A few hours passed, thinking that the letter would be read, but it was not read. Looking at the time of reading, the condition of the letter has come down. At the bottom of the design is written – I love you. No name mentioned. Nilu is only supposed to be surprised. But these almost have to be read and seen. Love is not fulfilled until attractive illusions attract people, it is a great universal law. Maya is not born for anyone in Nilu, nor is it supposed to be born. To those who are indifferent, great in detachment. In order to correct oneself, first of all it is necessary to be detached, because the human community could not be detached, they are growing in the identity of unselfishness. Their gatherings, processions, murder headlines against them on a daily basis, greed, illusion of money, illusion of loved ones are gradually turning them into ghosts. The greed of love harms people more than all other greeds. So just be detached. Nilur no longer becomes a shadow of love in honoring the indifference. Almost a letter arrives, but it is from one person.
The letter in hand is also from the previous address.
The rhythm of writing is also well known;
dear good man,
At the beginning of the letter, tender love for you. I do not know when the excellence of love will be revealed in your heart. I always know you love carefree, carefree. And I also know that good men do not want to be imprisoned under the shadow of love. If ever your love interest flares up, send a letter to my address. However, this life is blessed in this pure land.
the end
An obscure pendulum
Nilu started walking towards his destination. The purpose is to go to the Bengali teacher of the school. He helps her to dream, to change. The whole night is spent talking to Sir, but still the words do not end, Nilu only finds his best side, finds inspiration in the words of Sir. Came today to get some inspiration. Nilu is a great man to Ajmal sir, and he believes that Nilu will become a real great man one day. Ajmal did not tell anyone about Sir Neelu’s mystery, he felt that Neelu was a wonderful boy. Beneath the night stars, a diminutive giant with a vaguely sarcastic face and the craftsman of his dreams sit in the moonlight, facing a new possibility. Ajmal put his hand on Sir Nilu and started saying, – If you become a good man, then how will you understand?
– At that time of the day silence will flow through me like the sound of the waves. I will feel that everything in this universe is illuminated with a different light. I will suddenly forget all the differences that exist in the human race.
– Remember, the quality of humanity should never be abused. I think your efforts will make you honest one day. This is your excellence. Then I will understand that you are a different person. Because honest character is not given to everyone. He is a different person in my eyes.
– Sir, I always try to be human.
– But, but so be it in the aspirations of the advancement of new possibilities. Let the flower blossom in the vacation. For excellence, let go of all illusions accumulated in yourself and go far.
– Respect sir. Nilu and Ajmal sir finish their own dialogue. In the freezing cold of midnight, Nilu decided to go to Apanala. Darkness with the light tingle of moonlight. He will not go home today, he is sitting on the banks of the river full of water. Simple questions accumulate in his simple mind. – All people can change themselves if they want to, so why are there so many cries of the cursed around the world? O creator of the universe, you can redraw the fate of everyone if you want, change the thoughts of people.
Neelu’s easygoing nature doesn’t allow him to catch on easily, yet he believes that one day he will become a better person. Waiting but so be it. He smiled in his heart, a smile that has no comparison. Who will pay the price of a good man’s smile?

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