Global Report: Cancer and Heart Conditions Lead in Claims Frequency, Respiratory Disease Ranks Third

**Understanding Global Trends in Health Insurance Claims**

The Mercer Marsh Health Trends Report 2024 highlights the significant impact of cancer and cardiovascular diseases as the leading causes of claims frequency worldwide. Additionally, respiratory diseases are the third most prevalent health condition leading to insurance claims. This report underscores the critical need for insurers to address these health concerns and provide comprehensive support to reduce claim costs.

**Insight into the Mercer Marsh Health Trends Report 2024**

As per the findings of the report, an increasing number of insurers are acknowledging the necessity for expanded cancer support initiatives, aimed at minimizing claim expenditures. Notably, 43% of insurance firms globally are committed to offering cancer rehabilitation and return-to-work support, reflecting a proactive approach to addressing this widespread health issue.

**Challenges in Health Insurance and Rising Costs in India**

The report also sheds light on the prevailing health challenges in India, emphasizing that over 35% of individuals are grappling with chronic illnesses, leading to substantial stress among a significant portion of the population. This underscores the urgent need for robust health insurance coverage to safeguard individuals from the financial burden associated with managing chronic conditions.

Furthermore, the report predicts a notable escalation in employer-sponsored health insurance costs in India, projecting an 11% increase in 2024, surpassing the figures recorded in 2023. This upward trend signifies a return to pre-pandemic levels, highlighting the evolving landscape of healthcare expenditure.

**Transformative Healthcare Solutions and Accessibility**

Amid these challenges, the report recognizes the pivotal role of transformational healthcare solutions in bolstering accessibility and affordability for both employees and organizations. Digital outpatient services, virtual tools, teleconsultations, wearable devices, and remote patient monitoring have emerged as instrumental advancements, offering enhanced convenience and cost-effective healthcare options.

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**Utilization of Teleconsultation Tools and Future Outlook**

The report emphasizes a notable shift towards the integration of teleconsultation tools by insurers across Asia, including India, to streamline healthcare processes and enhance program efficiencies for clients. Moreover, there is a widespread expectation that artificial intelligence will play a transformative role in healthcare, particularly in first-line diagnosis and navigation, with 70% of insurers globally forecasting its substantial impact over the next five years.

**Strategies for Managing Rising Healthcare Costs**

In light of these insights, Prawal Kalita, the Employee Benefits Leader at Marsh India, advocates for a proactive approach. He emphasizes the value of embracing outpatient primary healthcare and digital healthcare solutions, revamping benefits strategies through flexible programs, and bridging coverage gaps. This approach is envisioned as an effective means for organizations in India to navigate escalating healthcare costs efficiently while ensuring comprehensive and accessible healthcare plans for all individuals.


The Mercer Marsh Health Trends Report 2024 provides valuable insights into prevalent health conditions driving insurance claims globally, with a specific focus on India. The report not only highlights the prominent role of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory illnesses but also underscores the imperative need for proactive measures, transformative healthcare solutions, and strategic initiatives aimed at managing rising healthcare costs and enhancing accessibility to comprehensive health coverage. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the concerted efforts of insurers, employers, and healthcare providers are crucial in ensuring the well-being of individuals and the sustainable management of healthcare expenditure.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the key findings and implications of the Mercer Marsh Health Trends Report 2024, offering valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of health insurance claims and the corresponding measures necessary to address these challenges effectively.

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