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It’s tradition. A self-respecting Christmas has Simone songs and a rush to buy last-minute gifts. Every year I procrastinate to the limit, and spend Christmas Eve inside a shopping mall. I spend a lot while dodging the crowd of late consumers. The result is not surprising: half-assed gifts, a break in the budget and the unhappiness of waiting hours to spend the purchases at the store checkout.

If your mission is to gift a runner, I have excellent news. It’s easy to please those who run. Physical activity related products have a minimal chance of error. So I decided to list some gift suggestions for that runner who lives in your heart. It has cheap products and also for, shall we say, deeper pockets.

And I leave a warning. If your budget is tight, don’t worry. Remember that the best gift a runner can receive is the understanding and support of family and friends. If you’re willing to wake up at dawn, ignore your quirks, overcome dietary restrictions and don’t complain about long weekends, you can be sure that you’re already giving a great gift.

Let’s go to the list.

vegan sneakers

The Californian brand Skechers has just launched Our Planet Matters, its first line of vegan sneakers in Brazil. The upper lining is 85% recycled polyester, and the heel, eyelet and tongue straps are made from 100% recycled polyester. Part of the proceeds go to The Nature Conservancy, a global non-profit organization that promotes biodiversity and environmental conservation around the world. Just don’t expect to break a speed record in this shoe. This is a more casual shoe, for everyday use, but that will please that runner with environmental concerns. The suggested price is R$ 399.99 and, for now, only the female model is available.

Good cost-benefit

The Olympikus Corre 2 is the evolution of the Corre 1. A great evolution. While the first version still lacked finishing and softness, the Corre 2 delivers lightness, comfort and responsiveness at a very competitive price. According to the manufacturer, the combination of new sole and upper technologies resulted in a product that is 42 g lighter than the previous edition. I did some tests and a lot of training with the Corre 2 and I can say that it’s hard to find a shoe that delivers so much for R$ 499.99.

Far beyond the hours

The Polar Pacer isn’t exactly a Christmas treat. It falls into the “great gift” category. After all, not everyone is willing to shell out R$2,000. But, if your budget allows it, go for it. Polar Pacer delivers accuracy in heart rate measurement (a strong point of the brand) with a noticeable improvement in GPS quality. With this, the athlete has precise access to the two most important pieces of information during a race: speed and effort. In addition, it offers good features for use outside of training – such as measuring sleep quality, stress level and remote control of multimedia devices. Just the point of attention: this is a running watch, full of buttons, no touchscreen. If the idea is to buy a smartwatch that is an extension of the cell phone, this may not be the best option.

revamped classic

The Wave Rider 26 is Mizuno’s most iconic shoe, and there’s good reason for that. It delivers comfort, cushioning and responsiveness in a shoe suitable for everyday training. In this new version, it gained 2 mm in the foam layer to increase the impact absorption capacity. On the feet, the sensation is of a more ‘harder’ shoe than the competitors – which is far from being a defect. To commemorate the completion of the Honolulu Marathon in Hawaii, Mizuno released a commemorative edition, all white – my favorite. List price is BRL 999.99.

safety ball

Let’s say you want to gift a runner a pair of shoes, but you know little about their style or preferences. In such cases, it is better to resort to the classics. Practically every older athlete (like the one who writes to you) has had an Asics Nimbus on their feet at some point. One of the flagships of the Japanese manufacturer reaches its 24th edition with a flexible plate located in the middle of the foot of the shoe and 20 grams lighter than the previous version. More technology, more performance and, of course, more price. The Nimbus, once more affordable, costs R$1,099.99.

racing in the clouds

It’s easy to recognize the sneakers from the Swiss brand On. The sole is made up of large buds that, according to the manufacturer, resemble clouds and ensure softer footfall. Exaggerations aside, the sneakers really provide a lot of cushioning, especially in the first uses. The ultimate example of this technology is the On Cloudmonster, the brand’s main running shoe in the country. Despite being a high shoe, the difference between the heel and the tip of the foot is small — the so-called “drop” is only 6 millimeters. And the more structured look is not reflected in a heavy shoe — about 275 grams, within the segment average. It goes for day-to-day training or medium-distance competitions. On the On website, the shoe costs R$949.00.

head exercise

The Japanese Haruki Murakami is right name on the list of favorites to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Author of more than a dozen works of fiction and more than 50 short stories, the writer honored the runners of the world with a small jewel. Published in 2010, the book “What I talk about when I talk about running” tells how he, Murakami, became a marathon runner. The work brings a little of everything: the lessons, the regrets, the stories. On my first marathon, I mentally repeated one of the mantras I learned from reading Murakami: “Whatever happens, don’t stop running.” And so it was. Out for R$ 30.90 on Amazon.

flaunt the achievements

It is not enough to win medals, it is necessary to leave them on display in a noble place. The problem is that, after a few tests, the temporary solutions for hanging them stop working. Did you get to that point? Then it’s time to think about investing in an organizer. This one is made of carbon steel, has double-sided tape (that is, you don’t need to drill the wall), and has 15 hooks, enough to hang about 50 medals. The model in the photo costs R$ 89.90 on the Centauro website

There will be a fanny pack, yes!

Don’t mind the fashionistas’ comments. The fanny pack is a great ally for runners. I don’t even go out for a run without taking mine. It relieves pockets, distributes the weight of the cell phone better, allows you to carry keys and cards, and does not bother like arm supports – which can be cruel to those with more sensitive skin or those who do longer workouts. The model in the photo is minimalist, resistant and beautiful… for a fanny pack. BRL 139.00 on the Adidas website.

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