Gamarra compares Sánchez with Junqueras and the president asks the PP to abide by the electoral result

The number two of the Popular Party, Cuca Gamarraassured this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies that Pedro Sanchez every day “is more reminiscent of Puigdemont and Junqueras”, responsible for the process independentista, for saying that will bring a legal reform that change the system of election of magistrates in the TC.

The President of the Government, for his part, has charged against the main opposition party for refusing to agree to the renewal of the CGPJ. This, he has asserted, is because “does not accept the electoral result”. Consequently, he pointed out, the PP “blocks the renewal of constitutional bodies” because it considers that “the Judiciary is its own.”

With the background echo of the historic resolution of the court of guarantees After paralyzing, in a precautionary manner, the processing of two amendments promoted by the Executive to reform the law on the Judiciary and the TC itself, Sánchez has faced the first Control Session of the day in the Lower House. A first assault -in the afternoon he will have a debate with Feijóo in the Senate- in which he has chosen to direct all criticism towards the popular.

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In his opinion, the institutional crisis in which Spain is plunged is due to the “raca-raca of always illegitimate government and squatter government” of the PP. Also to the “particular way of interpreting the Constitution” that those of Feijóo have. This is, according to Sánchez, “that the citizens elect the legislature, the legislature the president and the Constitutional Court and the CGPJ appoints the PP.”

However, the Chief Executive has recalled that “this is not what the Magna Carta says.” And for this reason he has claimed that he will promote compliance with the constitutional text through a bill that reproduces the content of the two amendments withdrawn by the Constitutional Court and that were intended to change the rules of the game to elect the members of the body itself.

Gamarra’s replica

It is precisely on this step forward that the PP’s parliamentary spokesperson has based her main attack on Sánchez. “After the wake-up calls from the TC and Brussels, he now says that he will do it again. Every day he reminds us more of Junqueras and Puigdemont,” Cuca Gamarra said in his turn to reply.

The conservative leader has celebrated the success achieved by her party with the judicial offensive in the High Court and has defended herself against the harsh criticism received in recent days by the Government and its partners: “Her strategy of intimidation has not worked”, she has celebrated the general secretary of the popular.

“Lately you only see conspiracy where in reality there is only legality. You believe that you are the State and the law, fortunately the rule of law works against all the attempts that you pursue to degrade the institutions. It turns out that going all out was throwing a fight against the rule of law and the rule of law has folded its arm, luckily for everyone”, he added.

Given this, Sánchez has raised his tone and stressed that the PP has gone “too far, but in the opposite direction, in breach of the Constitution.” “I ask them not to go any further, to return to a starting point, to comply with the Constitution and, if they do not, we will convey a message of tranquility and serenity”, he affirmed.

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