Gamarra and Feijóo will stop the “verbal escalation” to capitalize on the success of the PP in the TC against Sánchez

Feijóo’s PP does not want noise. Therefore, this Wednesday, both he and his number two, Cuca Gamarra, they will seek to stop the “verbal escalation” in the double session of control of the Government: first in Congress and in the afternoon in the Senate. The intention is to capitalize on Pedro Sanchez the success achieved in the Constitutional Court.

Far from rejoicing at his recourse to the TC, which has managed to stop the processing of the judicial reform promoted by the Government, the opposition leader will choose to reach out to Sánchez to reach “State agreements”. The strategy is well known by the Galician leader: show moderation in the face of confrontation.

In fact, it was what he did this Tuesday in his institutional statement to the press at the Génova street headquarters. In a solemn speech, Feijóo asked to lower the tuning fork, “Enough of talking about the coup d’état and intrigues”and also showed willingness to sit down with Sánchez to tackle the “institutional crisis” in which Spain is plunged.

[Feijóo pide que se rebaje la escalada verbal: “Basta ya de hablar de golpe de Estado y de intrigas”]

This is the main idea of ​​the last face to face of the year in the Upper House. The popular leader will again propose to Sánchez an alternative to renew the General Council of the Judiciary and the Constitutional Court with two conditions: to reverse the repeal of sedition and the reduction of embezzlement and classify the crime of summoning a illegal referendum.

The premise is a proactive tone that avoids “aggressive communication”, explain sources from the popular leadership. In this way, they justify, they will be able to consolidate the more moderate “leftist electorate”, an ideological spectrum on which they base a good part of the victory in future general elections.

The leaders of the PP also defend the pragmatism of the appeal presented before the TC to stop the judicial reform sponsored by Moncloa in the face of the grandiloquence proposed by Vox. “We have managed to appease Abascal with the motion of no confidence and we have scored a goal for the Government,” sums up a person close to Feijóo.

Genoa sources add that “it is won with political intelligence and not with guts.” Along these lines, the PP is also convinced that the cascade of reactions that occurred after the TC resolution by the Government, the presidents of the Senate and Congress and socialist leaders, with direct attacks on the guarantee court, leaves Feijóo all center clear.

The popular ones are reaffirmed in their denunciation of the malpractice of the Executive in the Legislative Power. And for this reason Feijóo made it clear this Tuesday that if he continues to legislate against “the rights of the deputies and the Chambers or against the Constitution”, his formation will continue to use all means to “defend the rule of law”. “We have shown that the Legislature cannot be used as a letter for ERC”, they conclude in the PP.

In this Wednesday’s debate, both the opposition leader and his spokesman in Congress will take issue with Sánchez for trying to reform core laws of democracy through the back door, without parliamentary debate and evading mandatory reports. But they will accompany the criticism with proposals.

Sánchez and Feijóo will face their most relevant face-to-face for various reasons: it is the last of the year, it occurs in the midst of an unprecedented institutional storm that has even led the Government to question the honorability of the TC and, finally , will take place after a morning control session in Congress.

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