From night train to expensive wine: the most read Sabato pieces of 2022

The night train is back on track, we taste wine worth 30,000 euros and the vegan kitchen is the new it-girl of gastronomy. These are the most read Sabato pieces of 2022.

1. The Instagrammable beauty of run-down supercars

They are a hit on Instagram @abandoned_supercars_: images of dilapidated cars that have just been left behind on the street, in the desert or in a parking lot. From the Ferrari F40 of the son of dictator Saddam Hussein to a Bugatti Veyron somewhere in Russia: an anthology by journalist Bert Voet.

©Richard Prince •

2. Glucose Goddess: another hype or breakthrough in diet land?

“We need to stop feeling guilty about eating calories and stop counting them.” Has the French biochemist Jessie Inchauspé found the secret of healthy eating and successful dieting with her bestseller ‘Glucose Revolution’? Journalist Michael de Moor did the test.

©Courtesy of Glucose Goddess

3. A walk through the head and world of chef Willem Hiele

In December 2021 the oven in Koksijde went out, and in the summer of 2022 chef Willem Hiele will start close to the surf in Ostend with what the sea and the land bring him. And he? “When I go for a walk, I come back with green saliva.” Journalist Rik Van Puymbroeck went for a walk with Willem Hiele.

©Stefan Vanfleteren

4. The controversial €30,000 wine: an ode to the taste of 1855

30,000 euros costs one bottle. In search of the holy grail in Bordeaux, Loïc Pasquet launched the third vintage of his ‘most expensive young wine in the world’. He can count on enthusiastic fans, such as Albert II of Monaco, but also on an army of opponents. Journalist Jan Scheidtweiler visited him.

©Jean-Bernard Nadeau / Cephas

5. Fancy food: the rise of top vegan gastronomy

Forget the banal avocado toast and the pumpkin dip with crackers: the plant-based kitchen takes on gastronomic allures. From three-star restaurant Eleven Madison Park in New York to five-star hotel Sapphire House Antwerp: journalist Evelien Rutten went to the highest echelons of the food scene.

©Filipe Wiens

6. The night train is back on track: five lines to try

Not so long ago he seemed doomed. But the night train is back on track, ready to cross Europe. Sabato selected five spectacular lines to try out.

7. Visiting the castle of former Galapagos CEO Onno van de Stolpe

Ex-CEO of biotech company Galapagos Onno van de Stolpe and partner José Van Tol threw themselves into the renovation of a seventeenth-century protected castle farm in Namur. They open their gates for Sabato. Journalist Emilie Moors paid a visit.

8. Sabato’s restaurant guide The 100 Food | Where do the star chefs eat?

Sabato selected a hundred culinary addresses, tipped off by twenty Belgian star chefs. From pleasant eateries to the most exclusive top restaurants, far away and nearby.

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