Frank Skinner’s juicy reason for turning down David Baddiel’s book

The longstanding friendship and creative partnership between Frank Skinner and David Baddiel has been a prominent feature in the entertainment industry. Most notably, their collaborations on the Noughties talk show “Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned” and the iconic football anthem “Three Lions” with rock band The Lightning Seeds have cemented their status as beloved figures within the realm of comedy and entertainment. However, a recent revelation from Skinner sheds light on his decision to abstain from reading his friend’s book on religion, “The God Desire.”

A Delicate Discussion on Beliefs

“The God Desire,” authored by David Baddiel, delves into the intricate realm of faith and religion, encompassing his personal grappling with questions of spirituality and his resolute conviction in the absence of a higher power. Despite their history of collaboration, Skinner, a steadfast member of the Catholic church, opted not to engage with the content of the book. Skinner candidly expressed to Baddiel that he would forego reading it, due to his inclusion in the narrative. Baddiel, acting in fairness, provided Skinner with sections of the book and extended an invitation for feedback, acknowledging that there may be aspects that Skinner does not resonate with. Skinner’s aversion to reading the book did not denote a lack of interest in the subject matter; in fact, he actively participated in a discussion led by Baddiel in Edinburgh. Following the event, the two engaged in a poignant dialogue over a cup of tea, allowing for a open exchange of perspectives and insights.

A Playful Parley of Perspectives

During their conversation, Skinner expressed his apprehensions regarding the underlying message of “The God Desire,” perceiving it as a declaration of intellectual prowess over spiritual inclination. However, Baddiel presented a diametrically opposite stance, refuting Skinner’s interpretation of the book. Engrossed in an animated exchange, Baddiel eventually conceded to the plausibility of Skinner’s initial assessment, prompting contemplation on the true essence of the narrative. Skinner, known for his own literary contribution, “A Comedian’s Prayer Book,” acknowledged the parallels between the two works, humorously acknowledging the resemblance to a preemptive rebuttal of Baddiel’s thesis. He playfully pondered the possible convenience of an atheist’s stance, free from the incessant deliberation over moral and ethical considerations, albeit acknowledging the fallacy inherent in attributing a lack of moral principles to atheists.
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A Testament to Timeless Friendship

Skinner’s decision to bypass Baddiel’s book did not detract from the enduring nature of their friendship, as evidenced by Skinner’s affirmation of the unwavering strength of their bond. Humorously remarking on his tendency to acquiesce in their dynamic, Skinner emphasized the enduring quality of their friendship, attesting to the geographic proximity that continues to define their connection.


The candid and lighthearted exchange between Frank Skinner and David Baddiel encapsulates the dynamic interplay of divergent perspectives within the framework of friendship and intellectual discourse. Skinner’s decision to abstain from reading “The God Desire” speaks to the nuanced complexities inherent in navigating the intersection of personal beliefs and creative collaborations. The resonant echo of their enduring friendship serves as a testament to the enduring nature of genuine camaraderie, transcending the variances in individual convictions.


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