Four Shepherds Embrace Sustainable Living in Spain: Living on What You Have

Living in a remote hamlet in the Spanish Pyrenees, Jesús Huertas, Aina Solana, Agustín Sesé, and Sara Rosado have chosen a path less traveled – a life deeply rooted in sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Choosing the Path Less Traveled

The tiny hamlet of Morillo de Sampietro, once on the brink of abandonment, now thrives with the presence of these four individuals who have wholeheartedly embraced a life of simplicity and sustainability. Jesús and Aina, who left behind bustling city lives, now reside in the hamlet rent-free in exchange for preserving one of its houses. Their journey intertwined with that of Agustín, a third-generation shepherd, and Sara, an arts graduate. Together, they share a vision of leading a self-sufficient and sustainable life in the tranquil and rugged terrain of the Spanish mountains.

The Journey to Sustainability

Living amidst the picturesque mountains, their days start with tending to a flock of 50 sheep and 10 goats, traversing the steep valleys in search of grazing spots. Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond animal rearing, as they cultivate vegetables, maintain a small poultry yard, and seek sustenance from the land. Their current endeavors also include setting up a cheese factory to produce sheep and goat’s cheese, with a keen focus on delivering a high-quality product.

The Struggle for Sustainability

Their journey towards sustainability is not without its challenges. While embracing a life of minimalism and self-sufficiency, they still need to ensure financial sustainability. To support their livelihood, Agustín and Sara work as freelance shepherds for a few months a year. Despite the hardships, their resolve to live in harmony with the land remains unwavering.
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The Essence of Sustainable Living

For Aina, their lifestyle has transcended the mere act of sustainable living; it has become a way of expressing respect for the land and its people. Their approach revolves around living on what they have, fusing traditional practices with modern sustainability concepts. Their journey underscores the essence of true sustainability, beyond just a buzzword, marking a profound respect for the environment they inhabit.

Challenges and Rewards

Life in Morillo is not without its challenges. Isolated from urban amenities, their days are filled with laborious yet fulfilling tasks. For them, the rewards of tranquility and autonomy far outweigh the challenges. The mountains, serving as their haven, have allowed them to find solace in nature, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

A Testament to Personal and Environmental Stewardship

Their journey is more than just a deviation from conventional living; it signifies a personal and political statement. Their decision to live sustainably and self-sufficiently is a testament to their role as guardians of the land they inhabit. It embodies a deep-rooted belief in making a positive impact through their actions, transforming their lives to align with their values.


The story of these four shepherds in the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees is not just about sustainable living; it is a portrayal of resilience, stewardship, and harmony with nature. Their journey demonstrates that through unwavering dedication and a profound respect for the environment, sustainable living is not just an ideology but a way of life that can transform individuals and communities alike.


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