Former Russian president: Moscow will do “everything possible” to avoid a nuclear catastrophe


26 Dec 2022 00:56 GMT

“The Western world sways between a burning desire to humiliate and […] destroying Russia on the one hand, and the desire to avoid a nuclear apocalypse on the other,” said Dmitry Medvedev.

The world remains on the verge of World War III and a nuclear catastrophe, but Russia will strive to avoid such a scenario, the country’s former president Dmitry Medvedev said in a statement. Article published this Sunday in the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, in which he summarized the results of the year 2022.

“New agreements on disarmament are unreal and unnecessary right now. The sooner we obtain the maximum security guarantees, which are appropriate for our country, the sooner the situation will normalize. If we do not receive them, the tensions will persist indefinitely“, warns the politician, who currently holds the position of deputy head of the Security Council.

Along these lines, Medvedev acknowledges that the world is “at the border of the Third World War and of a nuclear catastrophe”, although —he assures— “we will do everything possible to avoid them”.

Putin reveals what a retaliatory nuclear attack by Russia would look like

The operation in Ukraine

Regarding the conflict with Ukraine, the former Russian president maintains that the decision to launch the military operation was “difficult”, but stresses that Moscow had no other choice. In this sense, he reiterates that Russia is fighting, not against the people of the neighboring country, but against the authorities that came to power after the 2014 coup. In this context, he stresses that “any negotiation” with the Ukrainian “puppet” leaders lost sense already last year.

After remembering that the West supports kyiv “with all his might” With the shipment of arms, the training of mercenaries and financial aid, Medvedev wonders: “Is the West willing to unleash a full-blown war against us, including nuclear, for kyiv?” In this context, “Western politicians look away and delay an honest response,” he remarks.

Returning to the issue of the eventual global conflict with the use of nuclear arsenals, the ex-president highlights that “the only thing that stops enemies” of Russia is the awareness that Moscow will be guided by its nuclear doctrine in the event of “a real threat”.

“The Western world swings between a burning desire to humiliate and […] destroy russiaon the one hand, and the desire to avoid a nuclear apocalypse, on the other,” summarizes the former president.

NATO was preparing for confrontation with Moscow

In his article, Medvedev also addresses the issue of NATO’s expansion to the East, pointing out that the Atlantic Alliance did not stop preparing for “the confrontation, indeed the war, with RussiaIn this context, the senior official recalls the recent statements by former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who stated that the 2015 Minsk Agreements were “an attempt to give Ukraine time.”

The idea was to fill Ukraine with weapons: Putin describes as "disappointing" Merkel's phrases on the Minsk Agreements

“Namely, [los acuerdos de Minsk] were originally conceived for prepare a bloody war. What the kyiv neo-Nazis have done, with the full connivance or direct help of the ‘civilized Europeans'”, he stresses.

The West “cages itself” in the face of the “systemic” crisis

Parallel to the “systemic” crisis in the West, mainly in the US, “new centers of development representing the majority of world society” are being formed, says the former Russian head of state. In this line, Medvedev highlights that the wishes of the West regarding the unipolar world did not come true and, at present, Washington, that “professes neocolonialism“, and its allies cannot offer “new ideas” that solve global problems and guarantee collective security.

“Now it is evident that the western world becomes gradually in a besieged fortresswhose entrances are sealed tightly with walls […]. It is caged, while the rest of the world lives in peace in freedom”, asserts the politician.

Sanctions and their effects

Medvedev indicates that the West is now in this situation, because it destroys “with their own hands” the main foundations of the market economy, introducing “illegal” sanctions and all kinds of prohibitions against Russia.

Moscow warns that the world will suffer a new stage of crisis in 5 or 10 years

In this sense, it highlights that the “technological and information technology” blockade, which seeks to “limit access to cutting-edge technologies to all potential rivals of the US”, only leads the sanctioned countries to try to circumvent the prohibitions. According to Medvedev, the anti-Russian restrictions are “the last sign” for other states that “you can no longer deal with the Anglo-Saxon world“.

Likewise, it emphasizes that after the imposition of the sanctions against it, Moscow should not be governed by “the limits of traditional decency.” “We have the right to do with your assets [de los países no amistosos] what we deem acceptable according to our legislation”, he concludes.

On the state of the Russian economy, Medvedev highlights that, despite the avalanche of sanctions, he was able to resist, and now he continues “strategic reorientation of the entire Russian infrastructure to the markets of friendly countries”. “It was not possible to disconnect and isolate ourselves from the world infrastructure […]. The Government managed to maintain the balance of the foreign exchange market and minimize the risks, “he emphasizes.

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