Former Peruvian congresswoman: “The people ask for the resignation of Boluarte and the call for new elections”


22 Dec 2022 14:22 GMT

Tania Pariona believes that the measures taken by the current government are wrong, since they have only exacerbated the crisis in the country and generated more violence.

Hundreds of people around the world have joined the protests of the Peruvian people demanding the resignation of the interim president, Dina Boluarte. In countries like Colombia and the US, the protesters reject the rise and permanence of politics in the Presidency.

In an interview with RT, the former Peruvian congresswoman Tania Pariona told RT that the only solution to the current crisis is the resignation of Boluarte, given that the “erroneous” measures adopted by her government have only exacerbated the situation in the country and encouraged violence. and repression in the streets.

“It is clear that the solution to this level of exacerbated political crisis that we are experiencing goes beyond reorganizing a cabinet, it is rather the resignation of Mrs. Boluarte and the call for new general elections, what the Peruvian people are asking for,” said the former legislator.

In an attempt to ease political and social tensions, Boluarte decided restructure his cabinet and appoint new ministers, who took office on Wednesday. The protesters, however, see this measure as insufficient, since what they are demanding is the departure of the president, whom they describe as a “usurper”, and respect for democracy in the country.

Tania Pariona argues that to resolve the crisis, the interim administration must choose a path of peace and democracy instead of one militarized and repressive. However, he pointed out that so far dialogue has not been promoted. “Today, irresponsible accusations have been made, making arbitrary arrests of people who only came out to mobilize to express their voice and accusing them of terrorists,” he stressed.

In the last hours, the number of people killed in the country during the protests rose to 27, while more than 60 injured and a large number of missing people are reported.

The current activist affirms that this circumstance highlights both the seriousness of the crisis in Peru and the lack of respect for democracy in the nation. “The solutions have been totally wrongmisguided, which today have exacerbated the crisis much more and have provoked more violence,” said Pariona.

The IACHR visit is not convincing either

On Wednesday, deputy Margot Palacios, from Peru Libre, accused Boluarte before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of committing genocide in light of the recent protests in Ayacucho, which claimed the lives of a dozen people.

Pedro Castillo requests that the IACHR visit him "urgently" in jail

A working group from the organization has been in Peru since Tuesday to review the institutional and social crisis in the country. However, the protesters denounce that the IACHR will only be in the capital, Lima, for two days, meeting with people from the ruling party and ignoring the voices of those who protest in the streets in all regions of the nation.

“We are very concerned, because they are not giving enough signals from this commission that they are really going to make a objective investigation”, questioned a protester. According to the woman, the social organizations that will meet with the Commission are only “washing Dina’s facewhich is a murderer.”

Meanwhile, the demands for Boluarte’s resignation continue in Peru. The protesters believe that article 115 of the Constitution must be complied with, which establishes that if a president is permanently prevented from holding office, the head of Congress must call “immediately for elections.” However, the camera approved Tuesday that the president exercises her function until April 2024, when new presidential elections will be held.

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