“For this game it’s a big Yes! » : between Pokémon and Metroid, this game is better rated than Elden Ring

Game news “For this game it’s a big Yes! » : between Pokémon and Metroid, this game is better rated than Elden Ring

Yes, you can receive the ultimate consecration during the Game Awards ceremony and be overtaken by the competition when the player rating criterion is taken into account. Every day, the Steam platform welcomes tons of games: in 2021, it was estimated that there was a title that appeared almost every hour in the store designed by Valve. Inevitably, in the pile, small nuggets are lost like this excellent Pokémon-like with metroidvania sauce which is much more appreciated by Steam players than Elden Ring!

Elden Ring, the game of the year which is sometimes abused!

On the night of December 8 to 9, at the very end of the Game Awards ceremony, Hidetaka Miyazaki, president of the FromSoftware development studio, took to the Microsoft Theater stage to collect the ultimate reward awarded to Elder Ringnamely the game title of the year 2022. They were six candidates to want to grab this statuette, but it was the heir to the Souls who took it. It must be said that, for a lot of players, Elder Ring quickly won unanimous support and was, upon its release at the end of February 2022, in pole position to seize the supreme title. While it was attributed the score of 18/20 in our columns, Steam players have also greatly acclaimed it.

“For this game it's a big Yes!  » : between Pokémon and Metroid, this game is better rated than Elden Ring“For this game it's a big Yes!  » : between Pokémon and Metroid, this game is better rated than Elden Ring

On Valve’s platform, gamers shouted out their love for Elder Ring : nearly 450,000 evaluations for a satisfaction percentage of 91%. However, one can be designated as the GOTY of 2022 and be dethroned by another competitor. For exemple, Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 succeeded in less than two months, according to recent data. In the same vein, we saw the arrival of a title that capsized the hearts of players and the latter, conquered, even went until raising its Metacritic rating above that of Elden Ring and God of War !

This Pokémon and Metroid-like game that does better than GOTY 2022

But then what is this title that can boast of having a percentage of positive evaluations higher than that ofElder Ring ? The lucky winner is none other than Monster Sanctuarya clever mix between the Pokémon formula and the iconic elements of the Metroid and Castlevania sagasa genus that is called the metroidvania in tribute to these two great licenses. As Elder Ringthe title encourages adventure and exploration, but if you defeat monsters in one, we prefer to ally with them in Monster Sanctuary. Moreover, as in Pokemon Scarlet and Purplewe start our quest by choosing a kind of starter but there are not as many creatures to catch: unlike the Game Freak versions which ask you to complete a Pokédex of 400 specimens, there are only 101 to glean from Monster Sanctuary. Where the title is strong is that each monster has a unique skill tree : a detail that has particularly charmed the players!

What also appealed to buyers was the strategic dimension, which is anything but set back! Here, it is a question of efficiency and combos, even if the goal remains essentially the same: create the unbeatable team par excellence ! And you can even compare it to those of other players thanks to online features. Certainly, Monster Sanctuary does not have the same number of ratings asElder Ringbut the 6243 players who have evaluated it agree that the title is exceptional and that it fully deserves its 92% satisfaction ! If you are curious, know that it is also available on PS4, One et Switchand that the first minutes of the game are visible in this article.

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