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#Kolkata: Oma he is a head wipe thing. It is also used to wipe hands and feet. But if you tie the towel in this short knot, then everything is gone. Because the days of throwing towels are no more.

It’s a true multitasker at once. It is true that his name is Gamcha, but the calculation is not so easy, boss. Bengali shoemaking to Chandipath, barely he is in self-glory. Dadu goes to take a bath with oiled towel on his shoulder, on the other hand, the towel is sitting on the tip of the pooja-marriage-upanayan-shradh, the fisherman catches a small fish with the towel, the towel is tied on the head of the mutt. In general, although we do not care much, except for the towel, the Bengali pala-parvan is immobilized at one point.Recently, the price of towels has increased a little. Helafela towels hanging from the wire in the balcony of the house but now in the hands of Bibi Russell has gone international. And after that Kahani Me Moksham took a twist and suddenly Gamcha entered the Satan dressing room. What is happening now with single-ply towels? Towel fashion has been going on for a long time However, it is caught in a new form This towel is checked by Mercatori in this puja too. First of all cotton cloth. Perfect in summer. Second is unique. And that’s the point.


First let’s come to the saree. Towel check sarees are very trendy now. If you keep an eye on a good boutique collection, you will get thousands of towel check sarees at your fingertips. Wear original white-red towel check when going to perform puja in the morning. It will be best if it falls in Atpaure style. Keep your hair open. Small red tip and dark kajal on the forehead. Only if the towel is stuck to the saree, it will not work.

If a saree is not your thing, wear a towel check blouse in contrast with any block color cotton or khadi saree. Will fit great. But yes, Pooja speaks. Blouse should also have specialty. Try ruffles or frills in towel checks with three-quarter or glass sleeves. Ghati Hata blouse also goes well with the old outfit. And if you want to decorate Zara hat, there is cold solder. You can also try full sleeves. But of course in the morning. If not, who will save you from the heat?


This is about the saree-blouse. But even if it’s Puja, Saree can be ‘no’. In that case, the towel check will also appear. Long maxi dresses are in right now. Can choose towel check dress. Off shoulder cotton long gown will look great on Puja morning Another dress but now on the hot list of the young generation. Long skirt and wrapper. And there’s the inevitable towel. Block color skirts can have a towel border. Or the whole skirt can be on the check. Again you can tie-up plain cotton skirt with towel check top.

Just what clothes to wear? What is the best Bengali festival if not with jewelry? Towel print jewelry is also selling like hot cakes in the market. What is not there? From bangles to neck pieces, pendants to rings, you will find everything.

Kartik Thakurs of Bengal think that all the clothes are only for girls. The boys seem to have floated in the water. Even the towels probably don’t care about them at all. No, this idea is completely wrong. Gamcha check shirts, Punjabi tea towel ponch, Check kurta, Gamcha pede dhoti are all ready for you in store.

Now, just one thing to say, don’t be so mean to the towel!

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