Fingers, no prints, this Bengali family is suffering from the rarest disease for three generations

#Rajshahi: have fingers The problem is not visible to the naked eye, but the ‘curse’ is deeper. 21-year-old Apu Sarkar, a resident of Rajshahi district of Bangladesh, is carrying this curse on his ‘fingers’ for three men. And because of that, he is a bratya everywhere from driving license to passport.

Surprising as it may sound, it is true that none of the men in Apu’s family have any fingerprints. But even if the previous generation did not understand this problem directly, life is miserable for now, because life is biometric today. Apu gets into trouble step by step.

Of course, not Apu, the problem was also Apu’s grandfather. But life had a different bent, he was an agricultural man. He did not suffer from any problem. The first problem faced by Apu’s father, Amal Sarkar, was that Apu was still a teenager. National identity card became mandatory in Bangladesh that year. Along with this, fingerprint enrollment is started. While preparing Apu’s father’s identity card, government officials noticed that his fingerprints were missing. After a lot of effort, no work was done, the government of Bangladesh decided to give him an identity card, but there was no fingerprint written on that card.

It did not end here, Apu’s father had collected the passport by burning a lot of wood. Although he never dared to go out of the country. Walking is not enough. But he has to eat food in Rajshahi, lest he has to pay the fine at the airport by going abroad. Apu’s father Amal Babu got into trouble while getting his driving license. He didn’t get the car license despite the money, because the fingerprints did not match the biometrics. Ghoren with license fee deposit paper. Even then we have to face problems from time to time, many times the insensitive police harass, extort and oppress.

Now Apu can’t even get a valid SIM card in his own name because of that one reason. Brother Anu also has the same problem. However, Apu-Anur’s grandmother Sumita Sarkar is of a different clan so she has no such problem.

But why this problem of the family? In medical terms, they suffer from adermatoglyphia. It is a genetic disease. Congenital palmoplantar keratoderma mimics this disease. The palms of the hands and feet of the sufferers of this disease are dry, there are no lines on the palms of the hands and feet.

In 2007, the disease came to the world’s attention when a Swiss lady could not provide a biometric impression at this US airport. It can be seen that many of the woman’s family are affected by the disease. The disease was immediately named immigration delay disease.

And this disease is eating away at Amal Babu every day. Apu’s grandmother Sumitadevi came to this house at the age of seven or eight. Three times went and one time stopped today, but when he came to this government house, he was so young that he did not understand the matter at first. She thought that her husband’s skin disease was due to his involvement in agriculture. Why only Amalbabu’s family, until that day no one in the two Bengals had any idea about this matter.

But it didn’t have to be alone. Amalbabu was telling us loudly, “No one has ever been pushed away because of this, relations with neighbors are the same today as they were 30 years ago.” Amal Babu’s disease is the rarest of the rare, so today it is a curse for them, but relatives and neighbors send messages every moment to tie the income even more, so Amal Babu has not lost in the battle of life. Tears in the eyes, smiles on the faces…

Gratitude – Ferdous Siddiqui.

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