Find out who is your sign’s biggest enemy in relationships

As much as it is strongly influenced by the sign, the personality of someone is considered unique. However, there is nowhere to run, after all, many other people have some characteristics in common with you, and the common sign is usually one of the answers to that.

But do these characteristics even apply to relationships🇧🇷 After all, they are different people relating to others, in different ways, so how do you have similar reactions? This is what we will explain next. Check out the enemies of signs in relationships.

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the zodiac signs

Divided into 12, each being “responsible” for a period of one month throughout the year, the signs are the result of astrology, a pseudoscience in charge of studying possible relationships between people and celestial bodies. That is, for astrology, everything is connected.

Although many people don’t believe it, someone’s personality can be linked to the signs. To explain it to you better, we present a situation that you can identify with through your sign.

The intolerances of the signs in relationships

From now on, you will know the biggest implications related to your sign when it comes to relationships, whatever they may be. Check it out and be surprised how these phenomena never fail:


If a person doesn’t take the first step, doesn’t have initiative and doesn’t surrender in the relationship, most likely the Aries person will be furious. Also, don’t even think about interrupting Aries, for your own safety.


Dishonesty, lack of fidelity and not being truthful with Taureans is not a good option: they hate it and are deeply hurt. Due to their good heart, many may try to take advantage of them. However, there will be no second chances for those who commit such an attitude.


Being people who value communication and find it easy to express themselves, Geminis hate what is monotonous, tedious. They will always be attracted to people who infect everyone with their agitation and who have an adventurous spirit.


People incapable of putting themselves in the other’s shoes and masochists are the type that all Cancers avoid, since they are very emotional. Playing with a Cancer’s feelings is an attitude that makes any of them intolerant.


Opportunistic, selfish and envious attitudes will drive any Leo away from you. Those who are of this sign cannot stand people who simply walk over others.


Liars are among the great enemies of Virgo natives. As sharp perception is one of the main attributions of a Virgo, a situation of manipulation or infidelity, for example, will be easily detected and reprimanded.


Distance is this sign’s greatest weakness when it comes to a relationship. She brings feelings of emptiness and powerlessness to Librans.


Depth and legitimacy are attitudes that please Scorpios. Therefore, superficial people who are not true should not go near this zodiac sign.


Toxicity is definitely Sagittarians’ biggest enemy. Whoever it is, they will not allow anything unhealthy into their lives.


Showing serious, strong characteristics and representing firmness, Capricorns are severely repulsed by irresponsibility.


Never let an Aquarius man do anything under pressure, as this affects his independence. Not to mention his remarkable characteristic of having strong opinions. If someone influences the attitudes of an Aquarius man beyond the limits, he will know what real anger is.


Pisceans are not fans of lack of understanding and dialogue. Because they show a lot of love and affection, they need this communication intensely.

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