Fifa World Cup 2022: Why Lionel Scaloni Exceptional As A Coach, Discussion Going On Ahead Of Argentina-France Final

Doha: If Lionel Messi does not win the World Cup?

“However, he will remain the best in the world. The next morning the sun will rise. It will set in the evening.’ Lionel Scaloni said plainly last year.

Remember the name. Lionel Scaloni (Lionel Scaloni).

Check out the coaches of other World Cup teams. Suited-butted. A coach is a representative of another class. One who wears fancy clothes. Talk to journalists in Chokha language. If the team scores a goal, the fisted hands will be thrown into the void.

And see Scaloni there. Wear a simple track shoot. There is no threat if the team wins. In the face of great pressure, he scored goals and was nonchalant. Goalless even if he scored. Brahmastra like Messi in hand. But the opponent is praised. You will never listen to this gentleman’s words like ‘I will see, I will kill, I will cut him off’. No senior team coaching experience. Directly from assistant coach to head coach jobs. That too from a team like Argentina. The team that gets the lime peel means that the local journalists will wash it. Such team responsibilities will send anyone to the seventh heaven.

As Scaloni knows, he rides on the tiger’s back. So, even after winning the Copa America, he was not overcome with emotion. No matter how many footballers cheered him up in his arms for the joy of victory! Trying to stay calm even after reaching the World Cup final. France came to the press conference before the match. But controlled emotions with professionalism. Scaloni is truly an exceptional character.

The wait began the night Argentina became Copa America champions. Will Messi be able to win the first major trophy in the national team’s jersey and put the World Cup on top? Scaloni was indifferent to the question. Said, ‘Win the cup or not, Messi is Messi-E.’

Before the final, Scaloni did something that his predecessors Daniel Passarella, Alejandro Sabea, Jorge Sampaoli and even the legendary Diego Maradona could never have imagined.

What did Scaloni do?

Argentina have brought to the camp all the characters who could have played in the World Cup. could not Because someone is sick. someone hurt Like Sergio Aguero. Had he not been diagnosed with a heart problem, who would have led the team’s attack in the World Cup with Messi. If he was in the team, the young Turk Hulian Alvarez might not have played in the World Cup. How many more such names? Giovanni Lo Celso, Joaquin Correa, Nicolas Gonzales, Roberto Pereira, Lucas Martinez Cuarta, Juan Mazo, Nicolas Dominguez. Scaloni has brought all the characters to the national team camp in Doha to unite the team. Innovative initiative. Undoubtedly. And so he is the coach of footballers. Friends of footballers. There is discipline. But there is no groundless insistence on not keeping Canizia in the team unless he cuts his golden hair. Rather, there is an assurance to be by your side at all times. Scaloni is not a coach, he is like the great grandfather of the family. With whom happiness and sorrow can be easily shared. Argentinian footballers can therefore bet their lives for Scaloni as well as Messi. Messi is not out of the list.

What else did Scaloni do?

Even under Messi’s umbrella, Messi has shown the courage to overcome dependence. Argentina has shown determination to make football self-sufficient. Which no previous coach of Argentina could do. Alvarez brought up Enzo Fernandez. For the past decade, Argentina has had one mantra of the game. What have you got on the ball, raise Messi. He will take care of the rest, believing. Scaloni was the first to understand that Messi is a footballer from another planet. But as human beings, they are flesh and blood. It is not possible for one to win all the matches. As well as what will happen to Argentina football after Messi?

Essentially the rise of Alvarez, Enzo Fernandez.

Messi will touch history when Argentina win the World Cup at the Lusail Stadium in Doha on Sunday. Will sit in the same seat with Maradona.

If you can’t?

Messi will be Messi. Becoming the brightest, most golden chapter in modern football. Immortalized in the history of football. Become a legend. Become a football wizard.

And Scaloni might smile. In a natural manner. You might say in your mind, ‘Messy Messi-e…’.

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