Fifa World Cup 2022 Exclusive: Lionel Messi And His Playing Moment At Kolkata 11 Years Ago

Sandeep Sarkar, Kolkata: Lionel Messi made history in Qatar. Argentina (Argentina) won the World Cup (Fifa World Cup 2022) in jersey. The dream of becoming a world champion has been fulfilled by the great hero of world football. He has also received the recognition of the best footballer. The world is captivated by the magic of his feet.

Football lovers of Bengal had the opportunity to witness the magic 11 years ago. September 2, 2011. Messi played the match at Yuva Bharati Stadium in Kolkata. Despite not scoring himself in that match against Venezuela, he showed flashes of brilliance. Nicolas Otamendi, the pillar of the world champion’s defense, scored Argentina’s winner from his own corner.

How was Messi’s visit to Kolkata? Whether on the practice field or in the hotel lobby, what was the routine of modern football’s greatest star?

“The most striking thing about Messi is that I never saw him complain about anything. By that time, Messi had played two World Cups. 2006 and 2010. He also played in the training of legends like Diego Maradona. Olympic gold has been won. But very simple people. The two days I was in Calcutta, I was never bored. Abdar of the Saishikaris, serious about taking pictures, handled everything calmly,’ said Sandeep Saha. Who handled the responsibility of album-capturing all the moments of Argentina’s visit to Kolkata. Worked as a graphic designer for the album. Saw Messi from the front. Besides, Sandeep is closely associated with United Sports Club, one of the most famous names in Kolkata football.

He was saying, ‘When Messi came to Kolkata, he might not have won the World Cup or the Copa America. But the fact that he is a footballer from another planet was established by then. Argentina played the final of the World Cup in 2014. The team that was coached by Alejandro Sabea. During the 2011 tour, Sabea came to Kolkata with the Argentina team. The formation of Argentina’s World Cup team started from then.

Footballer Messi is known worldwide. How is Messi people? Sandeep says from his own experience, ‘Carlos Hernandez, the World Cup winner from Costa Rica, has played for United Sports Club. Spent a lot of time with him. An idea about the style and behavior of the World Cup player was created by watching Hernandez. But why Messi is different, every step emerges. Adding, ‘I have seen foreigners, many people complain about water and food in Bengal. I have not seen Messi do that. However, Argentina had its own cook with the team. He used to cook the whole team.

Sandeep also said, ‘Yuvabharati Stadium had astro turf then. Later in 2017, the face of the stadium changed during the U-17 World Cup. State-of-the-art infrastructure is created. But when Messi played in Kolkata, the old Yuva Bharati. Still had to sit on the cement bench and watch the game. Messi played on Astro Turf. But I didn’t see any irritation. They were staying in a hotel adjacent to the stadium. He practiced in the field next to him. A calm, composed Messi everywhere. I didn’t think I was playing an exhibition match. gave great importance.’

Messi in Kolkata, along with the entire Argentina team, and the fans will not jump, it happens again! Sandeep says, ‘Messi was in a rush to take autographs or take pictures. Messi has satisfied almost everyone with a smile. A teenage girl wanted to take a picture. at the hotel messi Called him and took a picture. Also gave us a thank you card. After the album was made, we sent it to the Argentine Football Association.’

11 years ago the metropolis saw the dispersion of the talent of the football great. argentina The moments that float in the minds of Bengali football lovers after becoming world champions.

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