Fifa President Calls for Stronger Response to Racism in Football

The recent incidents of racist abuse at Udinese and Sheffield Wednesday football matches have prompted FIFA President Gianni Infantino to advocate for a more stringent approach towards combating racism in football. Infantino has proposed the implementation of an automatic forfeit of games for teams whose fans engage in racist behavior, labeling the recent incidents as “totally abhorrent.”

Infantino's Stance on Racism in Football

In response to the alleged racist abuse towards AC Milan’s goalkeeper Mike Maignan by Udinese fans, Infantino expressed his support for harsher punishments, including the automatic forfeit for the team whose fans committed racism. He emphasized the need for worldwide stadium bans and criminal charges for individuals involved in such behavior. Infantino also highlighted the significance of standing in solidarity with the victims of racism and discrimination in football, advocating for a unified effort to eradicate these issues.

Implications of Racist Incidents

The events at Udinese and Sheffield Wednesday matches underscore the persistence of racism in football, prompting calls for immediate action and reform within the sport. AC Milan’s players walked off the pitch following the alleged racist abuse aimed at Maignan, reflecting the profound impact that such incidents have on the individuals targeted.

The Need for Collective Action

Infantino stressed the necessity for all stakeholders in football to take proactive measures, beginning with education in schools to instill the understanding that racism has no place in football or society. The support from Milan and Inter, condemnation from Serie A, and vocal statements from prominent figures such as Kylian Mbappe and Ian Wright underscore the urgency for collective action and solidarity in addressing racism in football.
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Player Perspectives on Racist Incidents

The affected individuals, including Maignan and Coventry’s Kasey Palmer, have spoken out against the recurring nature of racist abuse in football. Both players have emphasized the need for tangible measures to effect change and ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all participants and supporters of the sport.

Skepticism and Call for Change

In response to the incident at Sheffield Wednesday, Palmer expressed skepticism about the prospects of change in football, highlighting the persistence of racism and its impact. He stressed the need for continuous efforts and reaffirmed his pride in his identity while calling for a collective stand against racism.


The recent racial abuse incidents at football matches have sparked widespread condemnation and calls for more robust measures to address racism in the sport. Gianni Infantino’s advocacy for automatic forfeits, alongside the support from players, clubs, and public figures, underscores the pressing need for a unified and resolute response to eradicate racism in football. In conclusion, the events at Udinese and Sheffield Wednesday serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against racism in football, urging concerted efforts to enforce stricter measures and foster an environment of inclusivity and respect within the sport.


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