Feijóo promises to change the law so that the “State media” are not used by the party that governs

Announcements at rallies of the measures approved by the Council of Ministers, presidential plane flights to attend party events, CIS opinion polls… The Popular Party considers that Pedro Sanchez is financing the electoral campaign of the PSOE for the municipal and regional elections of 28-M with “the money of the Spanish”.

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, Alberto Núñez Feijóo has expressed a double commitment to reverse all these issues. If he manages to come to power after the next general elections in December, he has proclaimed that he will regulate by law the “use of state resources, so that they are not used for the party” that is in power.

This has been expressed before his “notaries”: the “comrades of the PP, the media” and the residents of the city of Cáceres, a city in which he has staged a campaign rally with the candidate from Extremadura, Maria Guardiola, and with the candidate for mayor of the capital of Cáceres, Rafael Mateos.

Once again, Feijóo has insisted that he will never use a “Falcon paid with state money to hold a party rally.” It is a question that as advanced by EL ESPAÑOLthe PP promised to regulate in the Institutional Quality Plan which was introduced earlier this year.

This matter has surfaced again in recent days as a result of the controversy that has been generated by a flight from the head of the opposition to Tenerife that was cancelled. On his Twitter account, Feijóo regretted not being able to arrive at the event that he had scheduled in the island city, and stated: “Not going in Falcon has these things.”

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The socialists, before this attack, came to cast doubt on the existence of the flight. This Tuesday, Feijóo has related all the controversy to the “nervousness of the sanchismo“In addition, he has asked the PSOE to show the expenses of the official State plane that Sánchez uses to go to the rallies of this campaign.

As is customary these days, the president of the popular has continued with his idea that the next local and regional elections will “turn the page” of the sanchismo.

“End Bad Politics”

Along these lines, he has asked his party for a vote to put an end to “bad politics, frivolity, division” and has also influenced the appeal to the useful vote: “So that the PP wins and governs with a large, solid and forceful, you have to vote for the PP. There are no shortcuts”.

“Spain is tired that the PSOE no longer exists and that they have turned it into the party sanchista; and Extremadura is tired of the sanchismo treat it as a second division community and that no one raise their hand or voice, in the face of such disrespect,” he added in one of the main socialist bastions in Spain.

In this sense, Feijóo has referred to issues that affect the Extremadura region, such as the so-called “train of shame”. In this regard, he has promised to take the AVE and to demand a hypothetical Minister of Development of his to travel “every three months” to the community to “render accounts, show his face and explain what is done in terms of infrastructure” .

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