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#Kolkata: Last minute shopping is going on right now And just a week later, all the Bengalis will be drunk with the joy of Durga Puja Jute sari, dressed in dhoti, when the youths will visit the puja pandal, is it in any way inferior to the margara saree? Not at all Rather, it can be said that during Durga Puja, Bengalis buy the most special clothes for themselves or their loved ones But as soon as the last year’s puja is over, the next year’s fashion trends are completely washed away. Sometimes the trend continues

But the climate has changed over the past few years And because of that, there have been many changes in clothes From color to cut or material, there is a lot of difference New designs are coming New designers are also coming They came with their new collection for Puja Not only Puja, but other events or Parbans, their designer clothes have attracted quite a lot of attention But the puja is a little special Dressing up a little differently, so that it becomes difficult to take eyes off you in the puja mandap. And Shubojit Dey and Rupam Ghosh have brought some such collections Let’s know what tips they are giving about Puja fashion

Shubojit Dey (Fashion Designer)

This time trend is very simple dress Your outfit should not be too heavy The dress should be such that you dress up, but you don’t look too much There should be a balance in the clothes The point is that your outfit should be such that you feel comfortable


Choosing the color of clothes during Puja is also very important Any fluorescent color is in fashion in Puja this time Besides red, baby pink, light orange, bright blue But yes you can easily choose soft color clothes too Such as peach, bubble gum pink, soft pale green, ice blue., turquoise blue, these color dresses will also make a mandap. I want a light dress in the morning for puja But yes if you prefer a light outfit at night, then keep some accessories in mind. But yes, don’t wear everything together, try to keep a little signature in terms of jewelry. Try highlighting For example, if you can wear a beautiful ring or a pendant in your ear while keeping your hand free Handicraft, Indian textiles are in trend The Indo-Western thing is very in If one doesn’t feel like wearing a typical Indian outfit, one can easily opt for Indo-Western. To those who wear western, I would say don’t wear Indo-western in this puja. In terms of boys’ clothing, ankle length pants are quite trendy, not bangle pajama with Punjabi on top. And not everyone can carry dhoti, those who can must wear dhoti And those who can’t wear chinos And girls can wear long dresses You can also wear maxi dress

Rupam Ghosh (Fashion Designer)

This time from small to big, everyone dress up a little differently For those who are a little older, choose soft, light weight clothes It is better to wear light colored clothes during the day and English shades when going out at night. But for young people, you can wear all kinds of colored clothes. Try a bit of mixed and matching outfits Let’s say on sixth or seventh a little western clothes can be worn But Ashtami brings a different feel to Bengalis, so opt for Indian attire on that day.

22You can choose cotton or silk clothes in the morning Which will give you a comfortable feeling even in this summer And in the evening, the outfit can be a little fancy But in that case it should be kept in mind so that the comfort quotient is not disturbed in any way. There are several new trends in clothing for this year’s puja. In the case of boys, they can wear floral print shirts of a slightly different cut Apart from this, a slightly different type of stitching on the shirt, which has an Indian feel, can be chosen. And girls can wear salwar. But in that case the girth should be a little more And it has Indian embroidery as well Sarees can also be worn But try to have a slightly different cut in the blouse. Skin color doesn’t matter much these days How you carry your clothes is important And in terms of your dress, you should not only wear good clothes You have to accessorize it nicely If you wear beautiful shoes, matching jewelry, then the outfit will be complete

Photo: Anit Adhikari and Sabyasachi PalMakeup & Hair: Anup Das, Rohan Das, Madhu ChhetriModels: Jeet Basu, Sriji, Antara Roychowdhury, Yavar Ali, Tanushree, Ankita Singh and Manpreet Singh.

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