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#Kolkata: His father was a poet Head of the Department of Jadavpur University Growing up in a cultural environment since childhood After completing his studies in Philosophy, he entered the world of fashion But beyond all that, today he is a successful fashion designer with 27 years of experience She is Sharvari Dutta He also works at the international level He gave the status of fashion to traditional Indian wear for men In this regard even today he is one and unique He designed the dresses of the entire Bachchan family starting from Sanjay Leela Bhansali appeared at Sharbari Dutt’s new brand store to find out what exactly is the fashion for this year’s Puja. Famous fashion designer Sharbari Dutt opened her mind and chatted about everything from the evolution of clothes to what fashion is saying in this year’s puja.

When I started, I was very particular about boys’ clothing At that time there was not so much space for experimenting with clothes But from there I started making boys clothes I started experimenting with boys clothes We started making different types of clothes by breaking with our own culture-tradition Which the men of that time liked very much Even among women, many have said that they are really jealous of the clothes you make for boys


Richa Sharma in Sharbari Dutt’s outfit

We can’t dress up so nicely You don’t make anything up In fact, even at that time, boys’ clothing used to vary in a few colors and designs The idea that boys can wear red or pink clothes was not there at that time But time has progressed, people’s thoughts and tastes have changed The words that I wanted to say through my clothes at that time Now I see men choose that kind of clothes

Stay with the culture

This is Punjabi fashion in different cuts, dripping style in this Puja. Yes Puja is a time to celebrate our culture And when we will not show case our culture! So choose traditional outfit for few days of Puja This time in my collection there are Kumortuli, Baul, various motif works on the life of Buddha. Mythology comes back again and again in my wardrobe This time also the same thing has been kept At the same time, there are other commitments besides Puja So at that time various types of designer shirts can be worn Disco shirts can be worn Various experiments can be done in the case of trousers as well Shoes also need a little thought

Dress up in colorful dhoti

Once upon a time no one wanted to wear colorful dhoti People used to say, the boys wear colored dhoti again! But in our Sanskrit there is a trend of colored dhoti Priests wear colorful dhoti If you go to Tirupati temple, the priests there are also seen wearing different colored dhoti It was presented in a slightly different way That was the USP Now colorful dhoti is available in every store But many people complained that wearing dhoti was very difficult But now wearing dhoti is very easy Why not the whole thing has been given as pajamas Just take it later and tie the rope Which looks exactly like a close-fitting dhoti


Richa Sharma in Sarbari Dutta designer saree

girls dress

Sarees are most suitable for girls during Puja And ‘Shunya’ has come up with different types of sarees for women I think, some new type of saree should be worn The new type does not mean that I am carrying a burden on my shoulders It should be such that all the clothes have the imprint of their culture And I think in our country different types of sarees are made If you can give a new style saree with a little thought, nothing can be better than that.

beautiful in saree

And now the saree should be that which suits the environment Now many people do not have holidays during Puja Maybe after spending time in neighborhood puja in the morning and going to office in the afternoon Choose such type of saree, so that both areas can be managed equally One type of saree is available in each province of our country Don’t try one of his michelles in this puja Which will bring a different kind of fill at once I said that the girl should wear saree on Ashtami day if not all the days of Puja Put flowers on the head, wear different types of beautiful jewelry

Also choose a lighter color in the morning And for the night, keep a little gorgeous outfit Again, if you feel a little uncomfortable, then you can definitely choose formal wear. However, there is no restriction on the number of days of Puja So dress this time a little freely, full of life Tie your hair, wear beautiful clothes The point is to enjoy the puja and have fun The residue of which will remain throughout the year And that’s why the dress should be such that it increases the level of pleasure several times

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Make Up & Hair Styling: Kaushik Das

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