Faïz Selemani still disappointed about deal with Genk that fell off: “I really wanted to go there” (Kortrijk)

A transfer is always on the mind of Faïz Selemani, but the love for KV Kortrijk has not diminished. “I’m still happy here.” © VDB

We are almost at the second transfer window of the season. January is just around the corner, which means some players will be looking elsewhere. This summer, Faïz Selemani (29) almost got his coveted transfer – twice. “I had to concentrate again and focus on KV Kortrijk.”

Elian Coussement

A new striker, left back and defensive midfielder: the wish list of T1 Bernd Storck at KV Kortrijk. Things can also be done on the outgoing level. Lamkel Zé, Radovanovic, De Bruyn and Benchaib are allowed to leave. There will be considerable interest for Ilic and Selemani, just like this summer. “January is only a few days away,” says a smiling Faïz Selemani. “If a good offer comes in, we will look at it calmly and with the necessary attention. For the time being I am a player of KV Kortrijk and I want to win every match we still have to play. I’m still happy here. The new coach has not yet explicitly told me that I absolutely have to stay.”

Dropped transfers

At the beginning of July, Genk almost ran off with Selemani. It was close to the Comorian being part of the team that is now at the top of the standings. However, he thought the contract proposal from the Limburgers was too low. The contrast is great, because he is currently penultimate with KV Kortrijk. “I am still disappointed that the transfer fell through. I really wanted to go to Genk. Such things happen in football and I have to be at peace with that. At the end of the transfer period I could still go to the Egyptian Al Ahly. That deal also fell through at the end. My arrival was suddenly no longer an opportunity for them, but I don’t think that’s such a shame now. The fact that the deal with Genk fell through is another story.”

With the arrival of Storck, KV Kortrijk hopes to start a remont. The players are ready for their third coach in just six months. “Our new T1 demands a lot from us,” says Selemani. “It is an adjustment for the group of players. He is very strict, serious and expects a lot of discipline from his core. I get that too, because he just wants to get good results. If you compare him to his predecessors, I think Storck expects more work from his defense and attack. He also plays a different system than Custovic or Belhocine. I hope that his approach will catch on and that the team will benefit from it.”

Cup game with OH Leuven

KV Kortrijk will visit OH Leuven tonight in the Croky Cup. KVK knocked out RWDM one round earlier, OH Leuven wiped the floor with Francs Borains. “It has been a long time since we played a game, but I am 100 percent ready for tonight’s game,” said the Comorian ball virtuoso. “For me, the league is not more important than the cup. I want to write a nice cup adventure together with the team. We have trained very well in recent weeks. Now we have to translate that into good play in matches that really matter. Whether KV Kortrijk needs the best Selemani to stay in first class? I do not think so. This team needs every player, because only then will we do well in the second part of the competition.”

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