Expert CIO’s Take on Tesla’s Stock and 3 Hot Alternatives

Tesla, the U.S. electric vehicle giant, encountered a challenging week with its earnings falling short of expectations, leading to a significant drop in its shares. This decline follows a year of remarkable performance, during which Tesla’s shares doubled in 2023. However, the company itself has issued a warning of a potential slowdown in 2024. Kingsley Jones, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and founder of Jevons Global, expressed a pessimistic view on the stock’s current situation due to the intensifying competition from Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers. In a recent CNBC Pro Talks interview, Jones highlighted the imperative for Tesla to expand its model range and lower its prices in order to mitigate the competitive threat from China, emphasizing the risk of losing market opportunities beyond the U.S.

The Preferred Alternative: BYD Over Tesla

Jones advocates for Tesla’s Chinese EV rival, BYD, as his top pick in the electric vehicle sector. He emphasizes the appealing valuations of BYD’s stock in relation to its growth prospects, attributing this positive outlook to the company’s vertical integration and substantial control over its supply chain, including battery manufacturing. Jones underscored the momentum exhibited by BYD in terms of sales, business expansion, and the release of new models. Notably, recent data revealed that BYD surpassed Tesla as the top global EV manufacturer in the fourth quarter and exceeded Tesla’s production for the second consecutive year in 2023. With an aggressive expansion strategy, particularly in international markets following its dominance in China, BYD’s competitive stance mirrors that of Tesla, as it extends beyond vehicle sales to encompass in-house battery and component production.
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Exploring Other EV Alternatives

In addition to BYD, Jones identifies two other compelling electric vehicle alternatives that investors should consider. The first alternative is Volvo Trucks, a division under the Swedish automaker Volvo. Jones accentuates the strengths of Volvo’s electric truck segment, emphasizing that Western manufacturers maintain a strong presence in this domain. Highlighting Volvo’s effective transition towards electric trucks and its diverse business mix, encompassing sustainable biodiesel trucks alongside electric and fuel cell variants, Jones positions Volvo Trucks as a leading player in the global electric truck market. The second alternative recommended by Jones is Nio, a prominent Chinese EV manufacturer. According to him, Nio has established itself as a frontrunner in the fiercely competitive Chinese electric vehicle industry, delivering impressive sales figures both domestically and internationally. Jones recommends a thorough assessment of Nio due to its significant presence and competitive positioning in the EV sector.


The assessment provided by Kingsley Jones, a seasoned CIO, offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the electric vehicle market. While Tesla faces challenges amid increasing competition, alternative players such as BYD, Volvo Trucks, and Nio emerge as formidable contenders, each with distinctive strengths and growth potential. As investors navigate the dynamic realm of electric vehicles, these insights serve as a strategic guide for evaluating investment opportunities beyond the conventional choices, empowering them to make well-informed decisions in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.


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