European citizens are also forced to praise the skilled scooter mechanic of Karachi

Due to the recent economic crisis and inflation, the restoration work of Vespa scooters is also affected (Photo: File).

Due to the recent economic crisis and inflation, the restoration work of Vespa scooters is also affected (Photo: File).

Karachi: A scooter mechanic from Shahr Quaid has become an anonymous ambassador of Pakistan with his skills and talents, giving new life to 60-year-old Vespa scooters with his art that even the Vespa-making country of Italy cannot help but applaud.

Vespa scooters made by Sheikh Muhammad Asif are becoming a means of highlighting the skills of Pakistani talents in European countries including Italy, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and America.

Sheikh Muhammad Asif, who runs a workshop in the basement of his house in North Karachi area of ​​Karachi, has been in love with Vespa scooters for fifty-five years. Put it on.

In the year 2000, while passing through a road in a posh area of ​​Karachi, the Vespa driven by Sheikh Muhammad Asif was seen by the senior officer of the Italian consulate, forcing the senior consular officer to stop. The next day he was invited to the consulate and Appreciating the Vespa expressed interest in buying this type of Vespa in Pakistan.


In order to have a closer look at Sheikh Muhammad Asif’s skills and working style, the said officer visited his workshop and not only bought scooters manufactured by him but also got scooters manufactured by Italian companies operating in Pakistan. According to Sheikh Muhammad Asif, more than 30 Vespa scooters manufactured by him have been exported to European countries. Appreciate their art by sending them.

Sheikh Mohammad Asif said that they mostly manufacture Vespas of 1962, 64 and 1965 models which are classic and antique and are loved worldwide for their unique and attractive designs. Italian enthusiasts make this model of Vespa a part of their collection of rare artefacts and more women than men enjoy riding it, which is why the Vespas they built and sent to Italy were mostly driven by women. and love to take pictures and videos of themselves with Vespa.

He said that foreign enthusiasts are amazed to see the Vespa he makes and appreciate the quality of work. Till date, no technical complaint has been received in any Vespa shipped abroad. Restoration of Vespa scooters is a difficult and expensive hobby. A complete restoration of a Vespa costs between two and a half lakh rupees. Finding spare parts is a difficult task that takes several months. Italian buyers order parts from Italy which makes this problem a bit easier but importing parts from abroad is very expensive.


He said that Vespas of popular models are now rare, most of them have become junk, whose ownership documents are difficult to find. Vespas are hard to find. Foreign buyers get Vespa made for their hobby and rarely sell. Apart from foreign buyers, Vespa fans in Pakistan also restore popular models with passion and have spent up to five lakh rupees on restoring some Vespa scooters. However, the number of domestic buyers is much less than foreign buyers.

According to Sheikh Muhammad Asif, due to the recent economic crisis and inflation, the restoration work of Vespa scooters is also affected. It is becoming very expensive to order parts from abroad, so now this work has almost stopped. When this business was at its peak, 10 to 12 Vespa scooters were produced in a year, now barely one or two are being made in a year. Due to inflation, restoration of Vespa is costing a lot and enthusiasts are also avoiding investing money.

He said that these days people who have a collection of classic cars are making cars from them.

According to Sheikh Mohammad Asif, when his foreign buyers send him videos and pictures of the Vespa scooters he has made, he is proud that the world trusts the work of a Pakistani mechanic and the work of Pakistani craftsmen. It is appreciated at the international level, due to which the name of Pakistan is becoming bright in the world.

He said that he has passed on this art and skill to his son. Naturally, his son also has an affinity for Vespa scooters and now his son helps him in most of the restoration work.

Sheikh Muhammad Umar says that the future of restoration work of Vespa scooters is bright, it will help to bring out the peaceful face of Pakistan in front of the world and highlight the skills of Pakistani artisans.

He said that he has completed his diploma in auto engineering and he is keen to pursue higher education in this field to innovate this work.

Sheikh Muhammad Umar said that the Vespa scooters manufactured by him are highly appreciated at the local level as well. Youngsters are very interested in Vespa scooters and take pictures with it and post it on social media and admire their work which makes them very happy.

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