Engaged, Brisa has a fit of stupidity and loses Oto because of Ari in Travessia TV News

Breeze (Lucy Alves) will rush to meet Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi) in Crossing🇧🇷 She will feel that her child is in danger and will reveal the supposed threat to Ari (Chay Suede). In Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera, the businessman will say that he investigated her and knows that she has a child with her son-in-law. Guerra (Humberto Martins). Oto (Romulo Estrela) will not be consulted by the loved one and will feel betrayed. He will put an end to the novel.

Furthermore, the hacker will anticipate that Ari will quickly discover what his crime is once he finds out that he worked with security for Moretti’s company’s computers. The architect already knows that the businessman was a partner of the father of Chiara (Jade Picon) and that they became enemies.

The story will take the turn at the end of the first week of January🇧🇷 Before, the audience will see Oto and Brisa get engaged. He will ask her to marry him on New Year’s Eve. But Moretti will begin to be boycotted after Guide (Alessandra Negrini) leaving home.

She will decide to separate from her husband in the next chapter Monday (26) as soon as Sara (Isabelle Nassar) puts the audio of Deborah (Grazi Massafera) talking about the child she was going to have with Moretti. The scoundrel will think that Oto is behind the boycotts and will reappear in Vila Isabel (north zone of Rio de Janeiro) to threaten the hacker and his beloved.

Behind protective measure request

In view of this, Oto will take Brisa to Stenio’s (Alexandre Nero) office so that Laís (Indira Nascimento) can file a protective measure. It will be at that moment that the maranhense will come face to face with Moretti.

“Yesterday the report arrived from the detective I hired to carry out this survey! That’s why I stopped by on their street… Did you know that she has a son with Guerra’s son-in-law?”, says Rodrigo Lombardi’s character in front of of Brisa, Oto and Stenio. And the girl will freak out:

Why is he in this? What does my son have to do with this story? putting the tonho [Vicente Alvite]🇧🇷 He’s threatening Tonho too! I saw the way he spoke! If his story is with you, what does he have to order to lift my life? What does it matter to him to know who my son’s father is?

Oto will feel brought by Brisa

Brisa will run to tell Ari about this, not knowing anything about the hack and the rivalry between Moretti and Guerra. However, the architect will quickly connect the dots and will have Oto in his hands.

He will learn that his rival is involved in the invasion of the computers of the foundation responsible for bidding on the big houses, since he also knows that his ex-wife met him in São Luís.

crossing is a novel written by Gloria Perez🇧🇷 The plot has the artistic direction of Mauro Mendonça Filho and is set in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhão. The prediction is that the serial will remain on the air until April next year.

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