Embracer’s Latest Takeover Claims Eidos Montreal and Puts Deus Ex Game in Jeopardy

Eidos Montreal, a well-known game development studio, has recently confirmed the layoff of 97 staff members, which accounts for a significant portion of its workforce. The studio, renowned for its innovative and deeply immersive games, expressed its pride in the impactful experiences it has created over the last 17 years. However, the global economic landscape, combined with industry challenges and Embracer’s extensive restructuring, has led to this unfortunate decision. The impacted personnel, including development teams, administration, and support services, are being provided with assistance to transition into new opportunities while maintaining a commitment to crafting enjoyable games for players.

The Impact of Layoffs and Cancellation of Deus Ex Game

The confirmed layoffs at Eidos Montreal have raised concerns about the fate of the studio’s rumored new Deus Ex game, which reportedly faced cancellation after two years of development. This decision, as reported by Jason Schrier of Bloomberg, has created uncertainty not only for the affected employees but also for dedicated fans eagerly anticipating the release of the anticipated game. The cancellation echoes the challenges faced by Embracer, the parent company, as it strives to address its significant debts and streamline its operations.

Embracer's Volatility and Restructuring

Embracer’s efforts to mitigate its substantial debts have led to a series of studio closures and workforce reductions, resulting in widespread repercussions for the industry. The company’s ambitious expansion, which included acquisitions of triple-A studios and diversification into various sectors, has ultimately contributed to its current challenges. Notable casualties of this restructuring include Volition, New World Interactive, Lost Boys Interactive, and Free Radical, with an estimated 1,000 individuals losing their jobs due to these organizational changes.
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Challenges Faced by Embracer

The significant restructuring undertaken by Embracer reflects the complexities and risks associated with rapid expansion in the gaming industry. Despite its initial focus on single-A and double-A game development, the company’s aggressive acquisition strategy has seemingly backfired, triggering financial strains and necessitating drastic cost-cutting measures. This turbulent journey has not only affected Embracer’s internal operations but has also had far-reaching implications for the studios under its umbrella and the talented individuals within the industry.


The developments at Eidos Montreal and within Embracer underscore the intricate dynamics and challenges present in the gaming industry. As the company navigates its restructuring efforts, it is essential to acknowledge the human impact of these decisions, including the talented individuals who have contributed to memorable gaming experiences. The fate of the Deus Ex game serves as a poignant reminder of the uncertainties that can arise within creative endeavors, emphasizing the need for sustainable practices and a steadfast commitment to supporting both the creative talent and the immersive experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.


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