Ectolife: World’s First Artificial Womb Facility Know Complete Details

New Delhi: will be pregnant. The child will grow. But not in the mother’s womb. The child will grow up in an automated modern laboratory. This is not the end, how will the child’s eyes be? What would the intelligence be like? Everything will be according to the wishes of the parents. Because that is how the newborn can be ‘made’. Although it seems unbelievable, this is what biotechnologist Hashem Al-Ghaili (Hashem Al-Ghaili) is claiming. A plan has been drawn up to create the infrastructure through which babies can grow in artificial wombs. Like sci-fito take a scene

Who’s Plan:
Hashem Al-Ghaili is a biotechnologist from Berlin. According to his website, he is a science communicator and ‘Molecular Biologist by Trade’. According to the website he is also a producer and filmmaker. This infrastructure is his brainchild. Although the whole matter is at the level of thought.

What is the name?
It is reported that it has been named Ectolife. It is also claimed to be the ‘world’s first artificial uterus’. Through which a parent can get a child with the characteristics of their choice. Hashim Al-Ghaili said, Ectolife is based on the efforts of scientists around the world for at least 5 decades.

Key Plan:
According to media sources in England, this entire infrastructure will run through renewable energy. A total of 75 laboratories will be constructed. Each laboratory will have 400 artificial stomachs. That is, one child will grow in each. As the conditions exist in the mother’s womb, these artificial wombs will also have similar conditions. The child can have all the characteristics as desired by the parents. Scientists can change the genes necessary for that.

Parents can see every step of their children’s growth. Parents can always keep track of all this information through a special app.

Early Warning Signs:
The whole thing will be created depending on the artificial intelligence. It is claimed that the system will be able to inform about any genetic problem in advance.

How was born?
Once the baby is fully developed, the pod or artificial womb will pop out of the pod at the push of a button.

Child birth will be possible without any physical complications, pain in this method. That is why such an infrastructure has been thought of. According to the report of the World Health Organization, a large number of deaths occur due to complications of pregnancy throughout the world. In that case, both the child and the mother are at risk. Ectolife’s method is claimed to eliminate that danger completely. Also, countries that are suffering from the problem of declining population can also deal with that problem in this way.

However, obstacles:
Hashim Al-Ghaili said, this infrastructure is now real. But this process has not yet been started due to policy questions. Research on human embryos also has to follow different principles and rules now. However, he hopes that this method will take its place in the world in the next few decades.

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