Dr Arsheds Cityscapes Put On Display At Islamabad Art Gallery

“Twilight and Beyond”, a solo art show by Dr Arshed Maqbool, was put on display at Islamabad Art Gallery on Wednesday, featuring an exquisite collection of cityscapes

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 21st Dec, 2022 ) :”Twilight and Beyond”, a solo art show by Dr Arshed Maqbool, was put on display at Islamabad Art Gallery on Wednesday, featuring an exquisite collection of cityscapes.

Maqbool has a certain passion for painting the fading architecture of the city of Lahore. The artist has skillfully managed to depict details with the economic use of strokes which has become his hallmark. The paintings mainly aim at reproducing an effective ambiance without having to overload the space with unnecessary objects to achieve a Picturesque result.

In order to maintain a mystical softness in the image, Maqbool sparingly resorts to chiaroscuro (a painting technique to emphasize volume through deliberate contrast). He avoids harsh lighting and chooses to keep his colors within a pastel spectrum which further fortifies his signature style, says M Saeed Kureshi, an art critic and painter.

With the onslaught of contemporary architecture, LED lighting, modern street accessories, etc. the cityscape is drastically transforming into a concrete jungle. However, Maqbool’s documentation of the receding cityscapes will serve as valuable archives for the public to cherish for many years to come.

Recalling the true spirit of the dynamic atmosphere of the city requires probing deep into the cerebral depths of the visual memory-a characteristic that Dr Arshed Maqbool has mastered over years of painting. Grasping the nuances of the continuously altering light is a fetish of a few; Maqbool has definitely tamed the brain’s eye to harness even the most daunting charade of light when it moves across buildings and streets – a visual montage that represents the city’s character and identity.

The use of subtle shadows and gleaming reflections is a characteristic that Maqbool has grasped with perfection. It is these effects that give the paintings the freshness that they manifest, he said.

Retrospectively, it was in China during the 9th and 10th centuries circa that meaningful Iandscape paintings came into existence by artists such as Dong Juan. Thereafter this genre of painting remained limited in its depiction until the 17th century. This was owed to the fact that landscapes were just a part of any painting rather than the Primary subject.

Maqbool finds himself comfortably situated to embark on challenging subjects. The current series of artworks narrate the artist’s versatile interpretive abilities whereby he has chosen to capture atmospheric light to create a realistic visual depiction. He believes in taking bold initiatives and has successfully frozen different times of the day – be it morning, afternoon or evening.

Amongst the weather portrayal, his paintings of post-rain streets are particularly exciting. Rendering of the shimmering wet ground and pedestrians, with ducted light and street shadows, imparts a vicarious experience of the cold overcast afternoon of the old city.

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