Discover the top 10 signs of autism in women

Throughout their lives as women, the difficulties experienced in adapting to different situations led to diagnoses such as anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders or borderline personality disorder.

Other women have considered the diagnosis after motherhood or when one of their children receives the diagnosis.

The main indicators of female autism are as follows:

  • Social inhibition or maladjusted disinhibition associated with feelings of lack of control in social relationships;
  • Sometimes they may not understand the immediate needs of those close to them;
  • Despite identifying and understanding emotional states in others, they may have difficulty performing spontaneous prosocial behaviors;
  • Difficulties in managing independent living: aspects of everyday life such as time management, household chores, work, money management, food, maternity or family care;
  • History of school or university bullying that remains relevant to a woman in adulthood and conditions new experiences;
  • Sensory changes;
  • Inflexibility in unexpected routine changes;
  • Difficulties in managing errors;
  • Perfectionism;
  • Tension in the face of unpredictability.

If you finally show these characteristics or if you conclude that you have a autism spectrum disordera new perspective will open before you.

We all need to understand and never lose sight of the fact that the brain of someone who is considered autistic works and processes information differently than other people. Faced with the same situations, those considered autistic can interpret and react in a totally different way. And this has a true scientific basis, which consists of the condition of balancing the cerebral hemispheres.

A long study by Elife Science, by British and Japanese scientists, found that the brain’s processing time is different from those without autism. The left side, which processes the sensitive part of the body, that is, external stimuli, works faster in autistic people. The right side, which works on learning and motor impulses, is slower.

To balance the cerebral hemispheres, you don’t need medication. This is the big news and most welcome solution. First, you will have to create new habits for your life. Come on!

  • Food: no processed foods and drinks, consume raw greens and vegetables, fruits, red meat (at least 2 to 3 times a week), coconut oil or lard to cook food, do not consume sugar or fried foods.
  • Physical activities: at least 0:20 min per day, according to the physical activity that is pleasurable for you, gradually increasing, until you reach your maximum always.
  • Taking care of the emotional: do psychotherapy or microphysiotherapy for emotional releases.
  • Specific exercises: sit with your feet free to move, use (lemons or tennis balls) and move your feet over the balls for three minutes, at the same time and daily. Also, pick up the balls with your hands, arms straight and push the ball from your right hand to your left forearm and vice versa, at the same time. Bend your arms so they come back to your hands. Do it repeatedly and daily.
  • Food suplements: complement substances that our body needs, because we do not find more in food. Take tests to check what your body needs.

With these new habits, your cerebral hemispheres will surely balance and all your symptoms will disappear over time. This scientific approach is not disclosed, because they effectively solve their problems, without medical resources and the pharmaceutical industry, which have taken care of our health with exclusively financial objectives. Trust this procedure and then tell me!

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