Dinner with celebrities and a sea of ​​poop – 12/16/2022 – Cozinha Bruta

For a city with 150,000 inhabitants, if that much, Balneário Camboriú (SC) appears in the national news too often.

Now they are the skyscrapers of the spa, chosen as a summer resort for the rich people of Santa Catarina and Paraná. On the edge of the city are six of the ten tallest buildings in Brazil.

The phallic exaggeration of contractors resulted in the elimination of the sun on the city’s central beach. There Balneary became news because it widened the strip of sand, pushing the sea beyond the shadow of the concrete pirocões. Controversial work, to say the least.

Now the beach is in evidence again because its water is unsuitable for swimming, infested with fecal coliforms.

The city hall says that the fecal broth has nothing to do with the sewer system or with the work to expand the beach. He blames the heavy rains in the region.

Hard to swallow that excuse. Cloud doesn’t defecate, it just transports the poop from one place to another. The coliforms in Balneário were giving soup when the flood carried them out to sea.

Balneário Camboriú, with its mania for wanting to be Dubai, is a portrait of the development model embraced by the elite that had its skyscrapers built. An ignorant, predatory class, down to the last hair (the one that Luciano Hang lost a long time ago).

The opening of a branch of the São Paulo restaurant Paris 6 illustrates well this circus of rich hillbillies.

Food is an accessory attraction of the house, whose hype is due to the frequency of influencers, bakers and sub-celebrities. On the menu, each dish is named after a famous person: Gkay’s penne, Pedro Scooby’s fettuccine, Jade Picon’s cheesecake.

Paris 6 in São Paulo is a zoo of ex-BBBs that serves, for dessert, a popsicle stuffed in a petit gâteau.

The partners –among them, the father of the boy Neymar– will certainly supply the Balneário branch with guests coming from some reality show.

Dining at the temple of cafonice is a must in a city with a lot of rich people and nothing useful to do. Not even the beach, filthy and devoid of sunlight, is a leisure option in the resort.

Balneário Camboriú has a shore that boasts wealth and, behind it, a poor and ugly city. More or less like all other beach resorts in Brazil, only with much taller buildings.

The model of prosperity implemented in Balneário is only valid from the front door to the inside. Why sewage collection? For what social and environmental concerns? What matters is the boat, the Ferrari, the thousand-meter apartment on the 51st floor and its cellar with four-digit wines.

Whoever built Balneário Camboriú thought they could tame nature. It is the same ignorant presumption that those who think they can, with impunity, asphalt the Amazon or transform Angra dos Reis into the militia Cancún.

Nature always gives back. The rain and the ocean rub excrement on the noses of those who go to Paris 6 to eat Vih Tube churros.

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