Detroit Urban Craft Fair coming to Masonic Temple this weekend

More than 100 vendors may provide one-stop shopping this holiday season as the Detroit Urban Craft Fair returns to the Masonic Temple Friday-Sunday.

Founded by Carey Gustafson in 2005, the Detroit Urban Craft Fair serves as a central hub for the craft and “maker” community in metro Detroit.  

“There was a handful of us gals… and a lot of us started bonding on old school crafting and kind of adapting it into a new spin for a new (modern) structure,” Gustafson said. “Several other big craft movements were happening around the country… so we thought let’s start one here.”

Shayla Johnson of Scarlet Crane Creations is one of about 100 vendors participating in the Detroit Urban Craft Fair.

Gustafson said it wasn’t hard to find the “creative crafting” community she was looking for, and after a short MySpace campaign they pulled together enough vendors for a first show.

“That first one had about 50 (vendors). From the success from that first year of just the excitement and the draw, we couldn’t wait to build upon it…,” she said.

After spending its first years bouncing around large theatre venues that include the Filmore and Majestic theaters, Gustafson said she officially called the Masonic Temple home in 2010.


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