Despite the raw house, the name is not in the list, the aspirant accused of corruption in the housing scheme survey

Hariharpara : This time protest surrounded the house of Asha worker on the allegation of corruption in the survey work of Awas Yojana. On Tuesday, this incident spread a lot of excitement in Hariharpara farm land Tulsipur area. After receiving the news, the police of Hariharpara police station came and broke up the protest. On the other hand, the villagers protested by hanging the lock of Devipur Gram Panchayat of Jalangi block to protest against the exclusion of names from the list of housing scheme. The incident caused great excitement in the village panchayat. On receiving the information, the police of Sagarpara police station came to the spot and handled the situation.

Allegations of corruption in the Awas Yojana survey are causing tension in different parts of Murshidabad district. Residents of Hariharpara Khar Mati Tulsipur village complained that Asha activist Tahmina Khatun did not remove the names of her relatives in the housing scheme survey despite having mud houses but those whose houses were mud houses were cut off from the list. It is alleged that about 70 people’s names have been removed from the list of Awas Yojana. In protest against this, the villagers started protesting around the house of the hopeful on Tuesday.

Protester Maleka Bibi said, “Asha activist Tahmina Khatun removed my name from the house list. But I live in a broken tile house. Then why is my name removed? I want a house.” Protester Hannan Mondal said, “Tahmina Khatun has kept the names of her relatives in the list. But those who are eligible for real houses have been left out. We want the BDO to come and investigate and give houses to those who are eligible.”

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The accused activist Tahmina Khatun said, “The allegations of the villagers are completely false. I am very afraid of the anger of the villagers. I have been threatened with death. Those who have concrete houses have been removed from the list.”

BDO Raja Bhowmik said, “I have come to know about the matter. All matters are being investigated. Those who are eligible to get actual houses as per the 2018 list will get the houses. No new names can be added.”

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On the other hand, the consumers whose names were removed from the list joined the protest by hanging the lock at Devipur Gram Panchayat of Jalangi block in protest against the removal of their names from the list of Awas Yojana. Allegedly, despite the name being in the list of those who are eligible to get real houses in Telepara Dhanirampur village, the name has been cut off from the panchayat. Protester Marina Bibi said, “My name was in the list of 2018. I have been hoping for these 5 years. I will have a roof over my head. But my name has been omitted from the list. But those who have a roofed house have been kept in the list. We want those who have real houses. Let them be given houses after a proper investigation.”

Protester Ruhul Sekh said, “We want Bidi to come and investigate our village. Arrangements should be made to give houses to those who deserve real money.”

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