Defense Specialist’s Close Encounter with Unidentified Supersonic Object on Navy Submarine

The search for extraterrestrial life has been a topic of great interest, with scientists exploring distant planets using satellites. However, a recent encounter on a Navy submarine has brought attention to the possibility of unidentified objects within our own waters.

The Encounter

During a classified mission on the USS Hampton submarine in the late 1990s, Bob McGwier, a professor at Virginia Tech and with the Institute for Defense Analyses, experienced a puzzling event. While onboard, he heard the distinct sound of a rapidly moving object. The onboard sonar confirmed the presence of an unidentified submerged object (USO) that was traversing the water at supersonic speeds, surpassing the speed of sound. What perplexed McGwier was the object’s ability to move swiftly without causing any damage to the submarine, a feat deemed impossible under conventional understanding.

McGwier's Revelation

Despite the potential repercussions, McGwier sought to report the encounter to the naval team. However, his concerns were dismissed, leading him to believe that the mission took precedence over disclosing the unusual incident. Determined to bring the matter to light, he recently shared his account on the YouTube channel UAP Society, shedding light on an enigmatic event that has long remained classified. This revelation has sparked widespread interest and speculation, prompting many to ponder the nature of the unidentified object encountered by McGwier.

The Unidentified Submerged Object

Details surrounding the nature of the USO remain shrouded in mystery, as McGwier has refrained from divulging the specific details of the classified work conducted on the submarine, as well as its exact location and depth during the encounter. Despite the brevity of the engagement, the profound impact of the incident on McGwier and the naval team underscores the gravity of the encounter.
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Unprecedented Speed

The sheer velocity exhibited by the USO surpassed the limitations of the USS Hampton, which is constrained by the incompressibility of water. McGwier’s account, corroborated by an onboard observer, emphasized the extraordinary pace at which the object traversed the water, surpassing the speed of sound. This defied conventional understanding, as the dense nature of water typically impedes such rapid motion.

Comparative Analysis

In an attempt to contextualize the astonishing speed of the USO, comparisons were drawn to manmade and natural entities. The Russian Shkval torpedo, a pinnacle of underwater propulsion, pales in comparison to the velocity observed, reaching a mere 230 miles per hour. Furthermore, the fastest sea creature, the sailfish, attains a speed of 68 miles per hour, further accentuating the unparalleled nature of the USO’s velocity.

McGwier's Background

McGwier’s extensive experience within the Navy, coupled with his involvement in classified radio frequencies and his Ph.D. from Brown University, lends credibility to his account. With a background in high-security-clearance intelligence, his testimony carries substantial weight, amplifying the significance of the encounter on the USS Hampton.

Parallel Encounters

McGwier’s encounter resonates with a 2021 video depicting US Naval personnel encountering an unidentified flying object (UFO) aboard the USS Omaha. The incident, captured off the coast of San Diego in July 2019, mirrored the unusual encounter experienced by McGwier. The resonance between these encounters underscores the recurrent nature of unexplained phenomena within maritime domains.


In the wake of Bob McGwier’s unanticipated encounter with an unidentified supersonic object on the Navy submarine, conjecture and intrigue continue to swirl around the specter of unexplained phenomena within our seas. The unprecedented speed, the enigmatic nature of the USO, and the parallels drawn with comparable encounters urge a deeper inquiry into the realm of underwater anomalies. As interest in such encounters surges, it is imperative to unravel the mysteries that permeate the depths of the ocean, transcending conventional understanding and ushering in a new frontier of exploration and discovery.


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