Death Stranding: a movie with big actors and explosions? Certainly not !

News culture Death Stranding: a movie with big actors and explosions? Certainly not !

We have known it recently: Death Stranding will soon not be just a video game since Hideo Kojima announced the film very recently, a project that is (obviously) very close to his heart. The director has just confided in the nature of this feature film and do not expect a Hollywood blockbuster (well, a priori).

Death Stranding the movie, it’s official

The news fell last week: Hideo Kojima intends to wear well Death Stranding in the cinema and elsewhere, the machine is already launched. For once, it’s Kojima Productions US who will take care of it, an American branch of his Japanese studio whose goal is precisely to connect the franchises of the latter to the cultural world, music or cinema in support. Moreover, this adaptation will be the very first project.

For the moment, we know almost nothing about this film except that it will be co-produced with Hammerstone Studios, the firm behind Barbarian (released this year and who made talk about him) with Alex Lebovici to wear the cap of producer, something that Hideo Kojima will also do himself. Today, some additional details reach us.

Death Stranding: a movie with big actors and explosions?  Certainly not !Death Stranding: a movie with big actors and explosions?  Certainly not !

A true auteur film

As mentioned above, the Death Stranding movie will be co-produced by Hammerstone Studios’ Alex Lebovici: the latter recently spoke to Deadline and said, when the movie was announced last week, that the latter would be a “authentic Hideo Kojima production”.

Today, the Japanese developer himself delivered a few more words about this feature film to IGN, specifying somewhat the nature of this site, which is currently quite enigmatic:

I’ve been video calling a lot of people in Hollywood every week for the last year, and not just for Death Stranding. I received many offers, but my intention from the beginning was never to make a successful film. Alex Lebovici of Hammerstone Studios shared my vision on this subject.

There were plenty of pitches to make a full-scale movie with famous actors and flashy explosions, but what would explosions be for in Death Stranding? Making money is not something I focus on at all. I’m aiming for a more artistic and essay-like approach, and the only person who suggested I do a film like that is Alex Lebovici, which makes me think he’s a rather atypical guy.

To believe it, therefore, Death Stranding will therefore be closer to the author’s film than to the big Hollywood blockbuster. As for the presence of known actors, the Japanese seems to kick in touch: could it be that Norman Reedus, Léa Seydoux, Margaret Qualley, Idris Elba and all these comedians yet present in the video game, do not re-enlist in this adaptation?

By the way, remember that the sequel to the video game, Death Stranding 2was unveiled at The Game Awards 2022. Here are some more the very first trailer.

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