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After a lot of stalling on the part of the groom, the wedding of Olga (Priscila Fantin) and Danilo (Murilo Benício) is finally going to get off the ground in Chocolate with pepper🇧🇷 But the day will not be at all what the bride expected. She will find the athlete naked in the middle of the street, she will be humiliated by Aninha (Mariana Ximenes), she will be beaten, she will start a cake fight and, after all that, she will continue to be a single woman in the Globo soap opera.

A good part of this confusion will be a setup by Aninha, who will refuse to see her rival have a peaceful marriage after everything she has done. She will ask Sebastian (Tarcísio Filho) and some friends to influence the protagonist to fill the mug at his bachelor party. He will get so drunk that it will be a piece of cake for the other men to convince him to sleep on the street. And, convinced that he is at home, he will take off all his clothes and rest in the middle of a flowerbed.

Day will break, and he will go on sleeping so soundly that he won’t see anything. Olga, on the other hand, will be ready to walk down the aisle. That’s why it will be disappointing when she arrives at the church and finds that Danilo hasn’t shown up. She will spend a lot of time outside, sitting in the car, waiting for the late arrival, but nothing will happen.

Out of her mind, the vixen will decide to tear the city apart after him. And she’ll find him in the flowerbed, naked and confused. Still under the influence of alcohol, Vivaldo’s nephew (Fúlvio Stefanini) will have the audacity to say that he doesn’t care about the wedding. Furious, Terêncio (Ernani Moraes) will have him arrested for indecent exposure.

Danilo (Murilo Benício) will be found naked in the middle of the street

Danilo will be found naked by Olga

Priscila Fantin’s character will be devastated. She will go to Margot’s hotel (Rosamaria Murtinho), where the party would take place, and cry the pitangas in front of the cake. Aninha will appear there, of course, to taste the victory. “You laughed at me, the whole town laughed at me. But now it’s my turn“, the protagonist will say, in reference to all the humiliations he suffered in the past.

Cássia’s sister’s (Luiza Curvo) card will drop, and she will realize that everything was a rival’s plan. Furious, Graça’s friend (Nivea Stelmann) will attack the widow, who will hit back. When they get tired of fighting with their hands, they will take big pieces of the wedding cake and throw them at each other.

Other residents of the city, who will have gone to see the party, will take the opportunity to resolve their indifferences with the beating of cakes. When they realize it, the hall will be dipped in sweet mass.

Aninha (Mariana Ximenes) and Olga (Priscila Fantin) are going to fight in marriage

Aninha and Olga are going to fight in marriage

Olga will return home, more and more humiliated. While she cleans up, however, the villain will have an idea: she can use her father’s delegate position to threaten Danilo. The vixen will visit the police station and say that if he left there straight to the church, she would ask his father to release him. But the boy will be firm: “Now that I got rid of the marriage, I don’t marry anymore🇧🇷 That’s exactly what you heard. I spend my whole life in prison. It’s over” he snarled.

Chocolate com Pimenta originally aired in 2003 and has already won three reruns. The most recent had been in 2021, not live channel.

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