Daily Astrology: How will the day be spent during the Christmas festival? Who cares who will be good? Read Horoscope

Kolkata:  Today is December 25, Sunday. With him today Christmas too. How will you spend today? What does Today’s Horoscope say?

Aries- You can taste the freedom. You can enjoy a childhood game again. This is the best time to spend with family. Can plan future with partner. Can be benefited by friend. Job and financial situations can increase anxiety.

Taurus- There may be tension in some matter. The habit of blaming others can be dangerous. After evening the situation can be more complicated. Confidence building is essential. Strengths and weaknesses need to be considered now. Both career and relationships may require special attention.

Gemini- personal life needs attention. Can get love proposal. You can get advice from a friendly person. Concerned about the health of loved ones. Career advancement potential. Need to be aware of love and relationships.

Can be appreciated for providing rigorous-intellectual feedback. You can be impressed by the beauty of your partner’s mind. Travel may be planned. A long-held hope is likely to be fulfilled. Emotional joy from spending time with family. Focus will be on financial status and health.

Leo- The mood will be fine. May have to do some challenging work. There are new job opportunities. Special attention should be given to career. There may be major changes in married life. Financial problems can increase anxiety.

Daughter- may be appreciated in office. May get mixed feedback on work from higher authorities. Personal life problems can disturb peace of mind. Things can get complicated in married life. Good news for job seekers.

Libra- Can spend a lot of time with friends. The mind may be weak towards a particular person. After evening you can spend time with your partner. Overspending needs to be looked at. Be careful before taking a loan from anyone. You can apply for jobs.

Scorpio- Negative thoughts can affect the mind. It is necessary to avoid them to avoid unnecessary disputes. Can feel lonely. May have to take on some big responsibility. Maintaining peace through difficult situations. Relationship and career problems may arise.

Sagittarius- Controversies and disputes should be avoided. Temperament should be controlled. Spending time alone brings peace of mind. Over-exertion can lead to fatigue. It may be planned to save some time and visit somewhere nearby. Success can come in trying to change profession.

Capricorn- Can handle financial situation through proper planning. Artistry can be appreciated in different quarters. The new one has auspicious yoga. If you plan to buy a house or a car, it can be successful. A special friend needs to be careful. There is a boost in career. 

Aquarius- You can take a break from monotonous work. It will increase the complexity between husband and wife. Anger should be controlled. Anxiety, mental health problems can escalate if not addressed right away. Concerned about the health of loved ones.

Pisces – Good start already, good situation is likely to come. Can get help from colleagues. May have to work on an important project. After evening can spend time with loved ones. Special attention should be given to married life. It is better not to apply for the loan yet.

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