Cruel execution in Bangladesh, Salahuddin Chaudhary was not there in 1971, documentary evidence emerges

Cruel execution in Bangladesh, Salahuddin Chaudhary was not there in 1971…

Lahore (Saeed Chaudhary) On the orders of the so-called International War Crimes Tribunal, political leaders are being hanged in Bangladesh for the “crime” of love for Pakistan. Not only has it completely failed to provide legal and diplomatic assistance, it has also failed to implement the 1974 agreement under which the Bangladesh government had assured that no one would be prosecuted for the events of 1971. According to the sources, under the policy of non-interference in these cases, the Pakistani government is not willing to provide the available evidence to clear the accused to the Bangladeshi courts. This is the case of Salahuddin Qadir Chaudhary, the leader of the National Party. Salahuddin Qadir Chaudhary is the son of Fazul Qadir, the prominent leader of Pakistan Muslim League in East Pakistan. Occurred when he was in East Pakistan (b was not present in Bangladesh), he was giving the BA Honors exam in Punjab University Lahore on those dates, which is documented evidence, besides, Justice Shamim Hussain of Dhaka High Court is also a witness that Salahuddin Qadir was living in Lahore with Fazil Judge and was studying with him in Punjab University. According to sources, Justice Shamim Hussain sought permission from the Chief Justice to record the testimony in favor of Salahuddin Qadir Chaudhary, which he did not give. According to the records of Punjab University, Salahuddin Qadir Chaudhary obtained his BA degree in Political Science in August 1971, while the charges against Salahuddin Qadir Chaudhary are all related to the events of April 4 to 13, 1971. There are anecdotal and documentary evidences that Salahuddin Qadir Chaudhary was studying in Lahore during those days. Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Ishaq Khakwani along with Salahuddin Qadir Chaudhry and his friends who were studying in Punjab University at that time presented themselves as witnesses in his clearance. But the relevant documents could not be handed over to the government of Bangladesh. In addition, on April 9, 1974, a tripartite agreement was reached between Pakistan, India and Bangladesh in Delhi, on which Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Kamal Hussain, Indian Soran Singh on behalf of the government, while Aziz Ahmed, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense on behalf of Pakistan, signed. Clause No. 15 of this agreement was assured by Bangladesh that the government of Bangladesh had decided. It is that (for opposing the establishment of Bangladesh) that no case will be prosecuted against any person. In this clause, it is said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has appealed to the Bangladeshi people to forget and forgive the mistakes of the past. , in response to which the Bangladeshi Minister Kamal Hussain said that the Bangladeshi government has decided that the No action will be taken against anyone under mercy and no case will be prosecuted against anyone. Apart from Salahuddin Qadir Chaudhary, 3 leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami have been hanged on the order of a tribunal that has nothing to do with any international court. Rather, this tribunal was formed in 1910 by the government of Bangladesh through its own law, and the “international” tail has been attached to it. The government of Pakistan, in order to implement the Delhi Agreement of 1974, can use it in any forum, including India. He did not raise the matter, but after the above executions, statements like “keeping an eye on the matter” must have been made.

Note 1

The photo of Salahuddin Qadir Chowdhury’s degree in 1971, which proves that the so-called incidents on the basis of which he was hanged, did not exist in East Pakistan at that time.

Note 2

A reflection of Article 15 of the Pakistan-India-Bangladesh Agreement, under which the Bangladeshi government has promised not to prosecute anyone for the events of 1971.

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