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North 24 Parganas: Theft in Gopalnagar area of ​​North 24 Parganas. 10 house burglaries in a row. First seven houses and then three more houses were stolen by the group of miscreants. In addition to police vigil in the area, a night watch was installed due to the problem of thieves. Finally, one of the thieves was caught red-handed while stealing and escaping that night, and he was caught by the police. Lakhs of stolen goods and cash were recovered from the arrested thief.

Incidentally, there was a lot of panic surrounding the theft incident in Gopalnagar area that has been going on for a few days. In the midst of police surveillance, repeated thefts occurred in the area. Locals started pointing fingers at the administration on the issue. Finally on this day the thief was caught red-handed.

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On that day, the police of Gopalnagar police station rushed to the spot after receiving the information about the theft and caught a miscreant named Raju Das while he was fleeing from the theft. Gold and silver jewelery worth approximately Tk 2 lakh, along with Tk 13 thousand 500 in cash and various tools and weapons to be used in the robbery were recovered from him.

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In this regard, Bangaon Police District Additional Superintendent of Police Sajal Kanti Biswas said, “The police of Gopalnagar police station chased and caught a thief named Raju Das while stealing from a house in the area adjacent to Agaipur station last night. The stolen goods were recovered from him. However, the police are interrogating the accused further. Attempts are being made to find out who else is involved in this theft. There is some relief among the residents after the thief was caught. An appeal has also been made for police patrolling to continue in the coming days to ensure the safety of the residents.”

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