Covid requires care at Christmas and New Year’s Eve – 12/21/2022 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

despite the WHO (World Health Organization) already see some light at the end of the tunnel of the Covid pandemic, the health crisis not over yet🇧🇷 With this, infectologists recommend that some precautions be taken at the end of the year festivities, such as the use of a mask and up-to-date vaccinations.

“People lost their fear, normalized Covid and treated it as if it were the flu, which is a mistake”, says Evaldo Stanislau de Araújo, infectologist at the Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo.

“Even the mild forms of the disease can have future consequences, such as neurological, cardiac and respiratory damage, beyond prolonged Covid🇧🇷 And there is a possibility reinfection leads to severe forms and late complications.”

According to the most recent InfoGripe Fiocruz, released last Friday (16)there is a trend towards an increase in cases of Covid in the adult population of all states in the country.

“If you are in a city where the curve of cases is still rising, the measures should be stricter. Avoid getting together with a lot of people and keep the celebrations with people from the same house”, says Eduardo Medeiros, scientific coordinator of the Sociedade Paulista de Infectologia .

According to the doctor, in general, it is not necessary to suspend activities, just be careful. People vulnerable are more susceptible to severe forms and Covid.

“Elderly people over 70 years old, immunosuppressed, chronically ill and people with lung problems should maintain distance when eating, because that’s the moment when you take off your mask and people eliminate droplets in conversation. It is also advisable to use a mask when socializing. family,” he says.

For Raquel Stucchi, an infectious disease specialist at Unicamp and a consultant for the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases, the only thing people can think about is parties if they have an up-to-date Covid vaccination schedule.

“My desire to ‘root infecto’ is to say not to have a party at the end of the year, but it is not something feasible, honestly. Even with the greater circulation of the virus now and a mortality rate that is not 4,000, but one hundred a day and that’s high, if we start talking like that, people won’t follow anything else.”

In the doctor’s opinion, the suggestion is to ask for proof of vaccination from guests for the get-together and check if they have updated doses. “This does not prevent mild cases, but it does reduce the risk of severe forms of the disease.”

Other ways to prevent transmission is prefer meetings in open environmentsin places with natural ventilation, where it is possible to leave windows and doors open, use mask and gel alcohol, maintain physical distance and wash your hands correctly.

Raquel Stucchi also points out that self-care should start when going to the supermarket, shopping malls and popular shopping streets, using a mask, gel alcohol and avoiding crowds.

“People with four doses, but at risk of aggravation of the disease – the elderly, immunosuppressed and chronically ill, such as obese and diabetics – should be more concerned about their own health, because they took the last dose more than four months ago. protection drops a lot. In a closed environment, take off your mask only to eat and keep your distance”, says the specialist.

In the case of mild symptoms that may indicate Covid-19, such as runny nose, an unusual headache, and sore throatit is recommended to do a test or self test before you go meeting other people, according to experts.

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