Covid 19 Was A Man-Made Virus, Wuhan Lab Scientist Claimed In His Book

New Delhi: About two years. The whole world is shaken by the fear of covid infection. Attack of variants one after the other. As soon as one wave passes, another Covid wave has hit. Many people have been affected in different countries. Many people lost their lives. The infection was first detected in Wuhan, China. Then it spread like wildfire all over the world. From the beginning it was claimed from one part, the character of the Covid virus was seen, a part of the scientists claimed that this virus did not come naturally. Not only that, the virus was made in a lab in China, as claimed. China has denied this claim from the beginning. A large section, however, remained adamant about this demand. Another scientist claimed that viruses cannot be created in a lab. As a result, they did not see the cause of the covid virus as man-made. Now when the world has reduced the impact of covid. Economies around the world have returned to pre-Covid conditions. That’s when the controversy about the origin of the Covid-virus came to the fore.

A book written by an American scientist, who was working in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, has started a debate again. Because there the scientist claimed that covid is a man made virus. which somehow got out of the laboratory.

The Covid virus somehow escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a government institution in China. A New York Post report quoted a comment from researcher Andrew Huff to the British newspaper The Sun. Epidemiologist Andrew Huff claims in his new book ‘The Truth About Wuhan’ that US government funding is also responsible for the incident.

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What did half do?
According to the New York Post report, Half is the former vice president of a voluntary organization called EcoHealth Alliance. It is an organization in New York that deals with infectious diseases. Hough claims in his book that the virus was being handled with insufficient security in China. As a result, the virus has somehow escaped from the laboratory. The laboratory in Wuhan has been at the center of discussion since the beginning of the infection of Covid-19. Although the Chinese government and researchers at that laboratory claim, the Covid-19 virus was not created there. Hough claims in his book that biosafety, biosecurity, and other safety requirements are not properly adhered to in overseas laboratories. As a result of which this danger has arisen from the lab in Wuhan.

Who joins China?
For more than a decade, Huff’s organization has been conducting various types of research on the bat Covid virus. The organization also received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for this work. Again, for this work, the company had good communication with China’s Wuhan Lab. NIH is the main agency of the US government for various biomedical research, public health research.

Horrible allegations:
Andrew Hough worked at EcoHealth Alliance from 2014 to 2016. He claimed that the company was helping the Wuhan lab in a matter. What is that job? The virus that infects bats is engineered to infect other species. How to make the virus work that way was still being worked on. Huff claims that China knew from the beginning that it was a genetically engineered agent. He also pointed the finger of accusation towards America. He claimed, ‘The US government is guilty of handing over this dangerous biotechnology to China.’ “I’m horrified by what I’ve seen,” Hough told The Sun, according to the New York Post. We have handed over the technical capabilities of biological weapons to them.’

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